Zach Babcock shares his 5-year Prison story


A public figure and LinkedIn influencer well known as Zach Babcock has shared his 5-year story in a correctional facility (prison).

Mr. Zach Babcock as shown on his LinkedIn profile is a Host of Underdog Empowerment Podcast (Top 15 Apple Podcast for Entrepreneurship), he also helps to launch, grow and Monetize Top-Rated Podcasts for 6 and 7-Figure Entrepreneurs.

Below is his story;

“5 years in prison. Taught me to value my freedom and never take it for granted.

My sister died from a heroin overdose while I was in the hole (the prison inside the prison)….

That taught me that I am in control of my circumstances because I always have the freedom to choose how I respond to anything.

Zach Babcock shares his 5-year Prison story

I went back to prison 20 days before my twin sons were born. Taught me how to change my behavior instantly by recreating my identity.

Nobody would hire me coming out of prison. Taught me how to design my own reality through entrepreneurship.

Mom died less than a year after I got out of prison. Taught me what matters most in life: the people you love and the one’s who love you back.

Got laughed at for trying to become an entrepreneur. Taught me how to never compromise my vision and silence the naysayers.

There’s always a lesson in every experience, even the shitty ones. And nothing, not even the Rona or the elections can dictate how you respond to what life throws your way. That’s all you.

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