You’re a Beggar if you Post Stuffs On WhatsApp With The Caption, ‘I Want, Buy For Me’ — Two Ladies drag Nigerian Girls over Entitlement Mentality (Videos)

For those who are used to surfing through various uploads made by NIGERIAN girls on their WhatsApp Status, you must have come across it.

In a recent outburst by two Nigerian ladies, they felt irritated with the way and manner by which some other girls goes on WhatsApp to post material things and then caption it, ‘I Want, Buy For Me’

In the video clip, one of the lady said, “If you’re one of those girls that post, I want, I am hungry, somebody sub for me, this bag just came out who’ll buy it for me, you’re a very useless girl…”

Then, in the other clip, the other lady emphasized that girls who post stuffs on their status with the caption, I want, are professional beggars irrespective of how beautiful they look.

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