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Do you know that you possess a real power to make a huge breakthrough in your life right now? Well, let me tell you, you do! I have worked on your Personal Numerology Reading and I am happy to share my findings with you: your key dates in love life, career, family relations, financial success, your Lucky Numbers. Numerology has revealed a lot about you and your immediate future. Your personality, your goals, your motivations and the events that are going to happen very soon during the important period, when you are going to enter a new cycle in your life.



I am fascinated by this science, and the numerology reports I have worked on, have proved to be astonishingly accurate. I have started learning the science of numbers a long time ago. What attracted me, is that, it is used by numerous cultures to analyze the past and to predict the future. It is evident that throughout all our life we are confronted with different numbers that influence us in this or that way, and knowing how to interpret these influences and handle them can be useful, often decisive in getting the best out of the situations. Understanding and applying numerology in everyday life can help you reveal your talents, resolve the spiral of problems that constantly pop up in your relations and professional sphere, and find long-term solutions to different issues that you are facing.



What is numerology? It is the study of numbers and their connection to different aspects of our lives, as well as different traits of our character. I will not enter into too many technical details, but just want to let you know that the first records of numerological readings date back to Egyptian and Babylonian times. Which means that this technique for personal analysis and predicting the future of the individual, has proved itself efficient through the centuries! The real “father” of Numerology is the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who created and developed numerous theories in the IV century B.C. Though he studied mathematics, he was also trying to explain the world through numbers, creating this way, his own way of self-expression.



It is important to understand that numerology can address all the aspects of life like: one’s personality, emotions, state of mind, relations with people around, career development, financial wealth, personal growth, the life of a couple or a company, the lessons to learn, the pitfalls to avoid, the qualities to develop, and the points that need special attention in everyday life. The two main points analyzed in Numerology report are your name along with your date of birth, which indicate your life path number, your expression number, your heart’s desire number, as well as your lucky numbers, lucky dates and your important transits. Therefore, in order to establish your Numerological profile I have worked using your first name, and your precise date of birth. As I have previously told you, this information has allowed me to discover a lot about yourself and your immediate future, your pinnacles and life cycles; as you are going to be living through a very important and crucial cycle starting from this month, and it is going to last for the next three months to come. Giving you a huge potential to move forward in different areas of your life, and more precisely in your love life, career, financial growth (according to your lucky numbers this point stands out a lot in your numerological profile) and personal development.



According to the analysis I have worked on for you, the notion of the cycles comes out in your life in the next months of 2020, as at this time the transition and the influence of numbers on your life will be particularly felt, thus creating numerous opportunities. Each number represents a particular area to be explored. To be more precise here are the important points to pay attention to in different areas of your life: In regards to your love life, it is important to look at the core numbers and personal day numbers. According to them the next three month period starting from this February 2020 is going to be a time of dynamism, courage and eagerness to finally break free from unrewarding patterns. You will get more satisfaction and enjoyment from your love life. However, it is important to remember that you will need to respect the crucial lucky dates, which are going to favor this area of your life. You need to know exactly when to act, and in what way. You will definitely feel a new energy flowing in your love sphere, but you should remember Dearest, that you will need to choose carefully the moment to act, as the personal love life cycle never repeats itself within any one-hundred-and-eight-month period. This is why it is so important to grab this opportunity to make your love life flourish. This is a very rare and an auspicious combination of numbers in your personal configuration.



In regards to your career, the coming period at the beginning of 2020 will also be very favorable, as it is going to bring you several important encounters and business opportunities. You need to pay attention to your personal day numbers and their influence on professional affairs, as they will bring you successful completion of several business projects that are important both, on the financial level, as well as for the future development of your career. This configuration will require you to be very pragmatic and organized in order to achieve your goals. You will need to plan in advance using personal day numbers to make decisions concerning your professional development. If you use your time wisely, the rewards will exceed your expectations at the same time on the financial level, as well as your personal satisfaction. On the other hand, you should pay attention not to suppress yourself in running towards career goals. During this time, the interpretation of your innate abilities and talents are going to bring you the desired success. However, a more detailed Numerological analysis is needed to determine the areas and the key dates when you should be active and alert.



One more important sphere of your life, where you should be waiting for the changes at this time, is your financial wealth. In fact, during this time, an important inflow of money is set to come to you from an unexpected source. However, for now I cannot determine the exact nature of this source. It has something to do with your lucky numbers and the way you are going to use them in your everyday life, that are going to bring you important benefits in terms of your financial development. In fact, using the lucky numbers can bring you additional success in general in your life. During the period from February 2020 and during the first months of the year this point will be accentuated by the combination of your personal month numbers when applied to your day numbers throughout all the lucky period. This combination will be extremely beneficial in terms of getting financial benefits and will help you resolve the issues you are facing in this area of your life.



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