Young Man Narrates How He Was Robbed Today, But Later Recovered His Phone Through The Help Of Street Boys.

Young Man Narrates How He Was Robbed Today, But Later Recovered His Phone Through The Help Of Street Boys.

Chisom Nnachi

According to the young man identified as Chisom Nnachi from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO;


“📝My Testimony. Yes I was robbed today..On my way to work, at the intervals of 5:30am -5:55am. But I got back my phone, four hours after the event. Although sim cards and memory card all missing. Sim Swap was my saviour. But today sank a deep lesson in me. The Children of the street seemed to have a better life-saving strategy than the proposed ‘sons of God’.”



“Just after the rob, my heart was troubled, a broke man losing his belongings..
This was worse than the story of the rich man who was robbed on his path from Jerusalem to Jericho, this was the tale of a glass guy who on his luggage had nothing but a diary and his torn out favourite book where he jots down his thoughts plus some patched out loafs of bread which he remained from breakfast to make out for lunch at work.”


“Dragging my face filled with pain,
I rushed to the nearest stranger I sighted on the street, He seemed way much macho,
He could beat the hell out of those thieves.
But my guesses were wrong, Run after them, when you get them cornered in your tracks,
Raise an alarm, I’ll come to your rescue,
He replied after I shared my sorrows with him. Taking double thoughts, I knew each minute I wasted, my phone journeyed to a land of no return. I took to my heels, one thing must kill a man, I was all ready to take the whole risk.”


“Then the Messiah appeared. Not in the best of all forms, He was a man without clothes,
Chest bare, A Cutlass at hand, A stick of weed at the other hand. He wore some Jean trousers, torn to the best of his fashion.”


“Come here my friend,
He bellowed.
I didn’t want to answer another roughian,
I had to show how strong my balls were,
I raced on with reckless abandon.
Come here oboi,
He said again, this time reassuring.”


“A conversation struck up,
He was a stranger.
I barely knew him..
I’ll help you, he said.
Steps were taken..
Actions were taken..
More strangers came to help..
They were all street guys,
The ones you call touts..
Everyone had his own stick of smoke,
Don’t worry we’ll help you,
They’ll all repeatedly say.”


“Whosoever asks you in intimidation,
Tell them you are our brother.”


“Two hours crossed,
And another hour,
And another hour,
A fight ensued,
Blood spilled.
I got a hard slap on my chin,
I got my phone back.
I felt loved in the worst place you could imagine…..”


“And it kept some thoughts lingering in me; If it were to be my churchy Friends, they’ll chicken out and conclude, that’s the will of God. A good phone awaits you next..
God works in the mysterious of all ways, be cheerful, they’ll say. But the children of the world thought otherwise; you’ll get your phone back, whether it has being sold out or not, by our blood we swear you must get it back.”


“And I got it back,
No seed sown,
No Fasting done,
No Three hours prayer,
No speaking in tongues,
Just wisdom,
Wisdom I say…”



“The Scriptures were right; The sons of darkness are more crafty than the children of light…. I got my phone back.. I got love in the worst of all places.”

✍️: Chisom Nnachi