Young Boy Uses Carton To Build ATM; And It’s Dispensing Cash Perfectly (Video)

Video of young Boy who Used Carton To Build ATM that is Dispensing Cash…

The innovation by a vibrant young Nigerian boy who built an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) with brown-carton on a viral video is worth celebrating.


This proves that, there there are truly many hidden talents in Nigeria (West Africa) that will triumph on many technological advancements provided they have the opportunity.

Here’s a video of a young Nigerian boy who is being hailed for building an ATM with carton and interestingly it dispenses cash properly. gathered that, the young Nigerian boy identified as Chigozirim was spotted by walking around with his ‘ATM’ and interested Nigerians asked him about what he is carrying, of which he said it’s an ATM.

At that juncture, he was asked to show how it works and he did so with the use of a microphone battery as the machine started dispensing naira notes.


Watch the Video of Young Boy who Used Carton To Build ATM that is Dispensing Cash Perfectly;