Reviews: XRP vs SEC lawsuit (Ripple News)

My top lawyer friends say that for XRP price it doesn’t really matter if XRP is considered a security or not. In case the judge decides that XRP is not a security the price will go up.

But in case XRP is considered a security the price will also go up a lot!! During the court case the SEC lawyers have ALREADY said that this legal fight is ONLY about the security status of XRP IN RIPPLES ESCROW. It is NOT about XRP that is already in circulation. So American crypto exchanges can legally start trading XRP again soon and this will boost XRP price.

In case the judge decides that XRP in Ripples ESCROW is a security, RIPPLE won’t be able to trade THEIR XRP on American crypto exchanges anymore, as most of those crypto exchanges do not have a license to trade securities yet. But Ripple can then start trading XRP as registered securities on the stock market, WHICH IS MUCH BIGGER THAN THE CRYPTO MARKET.

So in case the judge decides that the XRP in Ripples escrow is a security, XRP will be THE ONLY cryptocurrency that can be traded on crypto exchanges AND on the much bigger stock market. This means that many more people AND INSTITUTIONS have access to XRP in an easy and regulated way. Don’t forget that those regulations exist to protect investors. And they effectively stop Ripple and founders from dumping, as trades will be supervised by the SEC. This will be great for XRP price!

All this means that XRP price will go up no matter what the judge decides. Many people do not seem to realize this yet. But as soon as this legal fight is over, XRP prices will go to the moon!! And faster than you can imagine!! The re-listing of XRP on American crypto exchanges and the start of XRP trading on stock exchanges will be historical. It will be all over the news. Attracting many new buyers!!

We probably don’t have to wait till the end of the court case. With the new crypto friendly and knowledgeable director of the SEC there probably will be a settlement soon! XRP investors will finally be rewarded for their patience and hard times during the extended bear market.

And don’t be afraid of temporary flash crashes, corrections and even bear markets. They are part of the crypto game and won’t mean nothing 5 years from now. In fact, they must only be seen as buy opportunities for new entrants, so more people can join the xrp ecosystem and make it bigger and stronger. Ripple is signing new partnerships every week and there are more and more projects being built around XRP. Not only by Ripple, but also by more and more other organizations!!!

XRP is important as it is superior to major cryptos in terms of transaction speed, low cost and the absence of a carbon footprint caused by mining. The XRP ecosystem is growing every day. It’s REAL LIFE ADOPTION is growing fast…VERY FAST!!!

History will soon prove that XRP haters are like Bitcoin haters when Bitcoin was only 100 dollars. I love Bitcoin, but at this moment there is much more long term upside potential for XRP as it’s price has been heavily suppressed by the question of its security status for 3 years now. As they say in financial markets: the longer the base, the higher in space! First target: XRP 6 Dollar. Second target 20 dollar.

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