Work From Home: What Are You Spending Your Time On?

Kayode Abass on LinkedIn : VP, Growth Engineering at StackFX, Nigeria.

Matters Arising regarding the Work From Home idea aimed at curbing the Coronavirus pandemic; What are you spending your time on?


If you’re working or studying from home over the next few weeks, remember the example Sir Isaac Newton set. During the Great Plague, a pandemic like the COVID 19, Isaac Newton had to work from home too. And he used the time wisely. In 1665, using a version of “social distancing”, Cambridge sent students home to continue their studies.


Isaac Newton was in his early 20s when the Great Plague of London hit. He was just another college student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Without his professors to guide him, Newton thrived.


The year-plus he spent away was later referred to as his annus mirabilis, the “year of wonders.” First, he continued to work on mathematical problems he had begun at Cambridge; the papers he wrote on this became early calculus. Next, he acquired a few prisms and experimented with them in his bedroom, even going so far as to bore a hole in his shutters so only a small beam could come through.


From this sprung his theories on optics. And right outside his window at Woolsthorpe, there was an apple tree. That same apple tree he sat under that gave us the theories of gravity and motion. Newton returned to Cambridge in 1667, theories in hand. Within six months, he was made a fellow; two years later, a professor. What are you spending your time on? _Kayode Abass on LinkedIn

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