Woman Narrates Her Experience With A Greedy Artisan

A married Woman from Nigeria had taken to her Twitter account to share her experience with a greedy artisan who tried betraying someone who helped him secure the job.



According to the story she tweeted (@Olayemi_123), she wrote thus;


“Recently, hubby and I had just started a construction project when an artisan, a painter, told us that his very good friend was into POP fabrication and that he was very good so we should please patronise him. I told the man that we already had a POP person, but this man begged and said his friend was a married man who was finding it hard to feed his family due to a challenge.”



“Anyway when the project got to d POP stage, this man called again to make a case for his friend. When I got tired of his incessant pleas, I called his friend & asked him to bring his Quotes. His quote was reasonable so he got the job.”


Now, guess what!? He did a very good job, but when he was done, he said something that shocked me; “I am a painter too. I do painting as well.”, he said. He showed us pictures of his previous painting jobs. “My friend, Akeem is a painter, but I am a better painter. He does not know some new methods. I know them.”



“If you hire me to do d painting, u will get a better value for your money. Tell me whatever Akeem quotes for the job and I will go lower. I just want you to see what I can do. A trial will convince you. I will…..”, he went on.



My husband did not let him land before he asked him to keep quiet.


“Who introduced you to us? Is it not Akeem? My wife wanted someone else to do the job but Akeem was the one always calling to tell us about you. It’s because of Akeem that you got this job. You’ve made money so let Akeem make the money from painting. I can’t believe you want us to give you the painting job meant for him. Why are some human beings like this. Why?”, hubby queried.


Then, the guy started telling us how things were so tough for him, how he needed the money, etc.





It is not every ‘friend’ that you should introduce to your clients. It is not every ‘friend’ who deserves to know so much about you. It is not every ‘friend’ who wants your prosperity. Some ‘friends’ even get upset just because you have clients who pay you well.



Some ‘friends’ get mentally disturbed when things are going well for you. Some ‘friends’ hate d fact that you are in a position to help them. No matter what you do for ‘friends’ like this, it will not stop the hatred and resentment they nurse in their hearts against you.


Thinking that helping a person is proof that they will want what is best for you is rooted in fantasy because human beings are complex.

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