Woman finds love 7 years after losing husband, marries ‘childhood toaster’ (Photos)

A Nigerian woman identified as Sarah has found love once more after several years as a widow. She fell in love and married a man called Chijioke who had a crush on her when they were younger.

According to Bellanaija Weddings, a young Sarah didn’t reciprocate Chijioke’s love because her heart belonged to someone else who she then got married to. As fate would have it, Chijioke and Sarah met bumped into each other in December 2019, and but she had become a widow who made up her mind to remain single.

In January 2020, the woman got a message from someone who identified himself as Jeffrey, asking if they could date each other.

Sarah who felt disgusted asked if he did not see the rings on her fingers and that made Jefferey to withdraw in fear as he never called her again, but the beautiful widow later discovered that Jeffrey was Chijioke, so she reached out via phone call and apologised for her reaction.

Sarah said that she gave Chijioke her number and asked if they could just chat but he refused because he Chijioke didn’t feel that it was okay to just chat with her. She noted that his peaceful nature got through to her and that led them to become friends and later walked down the aisle.