WisTab TV CEO, Uzoma Wisdom, shares his encounter with Channels TV CEO, John Momoh

Uzoma Kelechukwu Wisdom – the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WisTab TV has taken to his Facebook wall to share his encounter with John Momoh – the CEO of Channels Television.


I Finally Spoke With John Momoh, CEO, Channels TV.

It has been a thing of utmost anticipation to speak with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD), Channels Television, either one-on-one or phone call. Regarding to this great anticipation, and out us zealous mindset, I embarked on internet research tour.

A very encouraging tour, I must confess. Each day comes up with positive and delightful results. This made me not to relent in the process. I continued with my researches to connect with John Momoh.

Yesterday’s night, at about 7:30 PM, I was with my online research tools, doing the necessary things to make sure I get connected with my dream. At a point, everything happened so fast, as if it was magical. The stress I usually encounter, I experienced it, not even a bit.

Founder/CEO of WisTab Blog/Tv, Hon. Journ. Uzoma Kelechukwu Wisdom
Uzoma Kelechukwu Wisdom (WisTab)

A call from an unknown number came into my phone, at about 9:00 PM. When I picked up, a man asked, “Are you WisTab Uzoma?”. I said yes. He quickly continued: “We have received your numerous emails and internet notifications, pertaining your request to meet with John Momoh for a business proposal and mentorship on TV series. The boss, haven gone through your documents/CV, wishes to speak with you. I’m his Personal Assistant (PA). Kindly wait for few seconds to connect with him. Thanks”.

At this point, chills gripped my entire body. In not more than 10 seconds after the PA made his last statement, low and behold, a mighty voice shielded with cogency and greatness emerged and said “Hello Young Man”. My brothers and sisters, I almost gone unintellectual, but on the other hand I replied awesomely, and the conversation ended at a consensus of meeting in person one weeks time.

Haven successfully fallen out of my foam, and my Laptop, Tab, and Android phone still intact on the same foam, I felt the coldness of innocent black tiles in my room. This coldness, at a point became unbearable, woke me up around 6:30 AM. Honestly it was a very big space on the ground, to enjoy the whole dream and phone call conversation with the CEO of Channels TV, John Momoh.

Meanwhile, when got up, I rushed my phone to save the number, my brothers and sisters, it was a very big dream. 🙆🙆.

Just Like That… God No Go Shame Us!

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