Why We Share Motivating Contents On Mentorslinks.com

On Mentorslinks.com, our goal is to write content that motivates our dearly esteemed visitors and readers globally to bring and restore hope.

Sometimes our posts do well by hitting larger audience than expected. Sometimes they don’t Sometimes they even go viral more than we budgeted.

Unfortunately, there may usually be plagiarism on the internet here with larger followings that copy / paste our viral posts as their own.

Not only is this heartbreaking, but it’s hurting our fast rising brand and people following us for a long time now are quite bothered.

If this is happening to us, then it’s happening to others that don’t have the platform to speak up.

Just because something is “normal” doesn’t mean that it’s OK. We can’t keep looking the other way.

We at Mentorslinks sincerely love this community, as we’ve fully invested in this platform, and we know that we can do better.

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