Why Terrorists Used Only Toyota Vehicles?

It’s usually a popular question on the reasons Toyota vehicles (Hilux vans specifically) is been used by top terrorist organizations.

Why Terrorists Used Only Toyota Vehicles?

Recently there has been an ambiguity that why is the Japanese brand Toyota is so famous amongst the ISIS. The terrorists have been widely taking use of the Toyota’s Hilux Pick up trucks and the Toyota’s Popular Land Cruisers in all their presence in the videos and activities. Due to which America had to question Toyota that how are they able to get these vehicles and why?





The MAJOR reasons terrorists uses Toyota vehicles was found out after research which are:


  • Toyota Hilux trucks can be easily used to mount Heavy Caliber machine Guns.


  • The Land Cruisers can be used to mount heavy Anti-Aircraft guns.


  • Both vehicles can be used for ground attacks and helicopters and can be grounded too.


  • Toyotas are widely tested for usage under high temperature conditions. (Their Quality, Durability and Reliability-QDR since 1937 makes their vehicles world class dependable)


  • The used spare parts of these vehicles are readily available.


  • The life and the performance of Toyota’s Engines are remarkable when it comes to endurance.


  • The durability of the cars which attracts the ISIS/Terrorist enough which they are not able to achieve in other brands.