Why Most Youth Gets Depressed After School

Ever pondered on why is it that 70 out of 100 percentage of the youths fall into depression immediately after graduating from tertiary institution?



I think it has a lot to do with diminishing expectations. I mean I graduated from college with so much energy to finally do something for myself. It was hard adapting to the change of not always having cash to do random stuff. I mean nobody told us anything about businesses in school. For someone like me, I did well in school. I read my eyes out to graduate so well only to come out to a society that appreciates affluence over intelligence or a degree from a university.



Then, another factor is the relationship pressure because most of us are saddled with making some crazy decisions on a choice of spouse especially since family wants us to. The cycle is almost unending.



It was quite depressing during my service year because I had no idea what to do with myself. I just had the same routine of going to work and coming back home and doing the next thing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and it continues. I have a busy mind so I hate suppressing environments. It hurts trying to do something for yourself but yet you’re drowning in so much confusion.

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