Relationship Rant: Why I advise people to learn how to be truthful to yourself & your partner – Chimezie Abraham Akachukwu

Comr. Journ. Chimezie Abraham Akachukwu is a writivist, fearless activist, leading leader, social media influencer, news reporter.

Notable writivist, social media influencer, Comr. Journ. Chimezie Abraham Akachukwu is back again to shake tables via his latest Relationship Rant:


He wrote;


If u’re a Nigerian guy based in Nigeria here, dating a Nigerian girl who always tells you about another Nigerian guy based abroad who’s chyking her (she’ll be like: he friended me but I didn’t accept him. But we’re JUST FRIENDS).


Bro, there’s 90% possibility that she’s lying. There’s 90% chance that she even loves the guy more than you & is even dating him and even forwarding her semi-nude photos/videos to him.


The same way guys are doing facēē (online dating older white women abroad; aimed at cashing out big from her), even when they have a girlfriend. Same way, this girl’s love & respect our guys abroad to the core.


I have a guy (when he dey naija) who approached a girl (Not for dating stuff, but just to know her name), this girl made him look like a rag; but ever since my guy went abroad, same girl now double likes & comment on every post he made.


We all value abroad things. A girl will confidently get choked in a long distance relationship that’s from abroad, because she doesn’t know where her Messiah will come from. Check well, you’ll get to realize that majority of them have one or more int’l contacts that are their dates.


For the guys who date older white women; their babes here already know about it because it’s business; unfortunately, the girl’s won’t reciprocate such truthfulness.


From my observation, I am not a good relationship ranter or adviser; but the truth is that Truth can be hard to swallow. I told a girl that her photo alone will fetch me data of all the guys she has dated from A to Z; reason be that, in relationship stuffs, men can easily team-up to play a girl who thinks she’s a good player. Nothing can be hidden for long on planet Earth.


That’s why after every relationship blah blah blah, I’ll always say/advise people; Learn to be truthful to yourself & your partner, if not, you’ll always live to regret most stuffs.


There’s no perfect man or woman. If you as a lady is dating a guy, and another guy surfaces with more Sugarcane in his mouth & appears to be your match, please dear tell him you are already into relationship. Probably, he’ll agree to be a side-boo; then tell your main boo he’s JUST A FRIEND, he’ll understand that he has got a share holder. As simple as that -real men doesn’t fight each other to keep a woman. Both of them, will understand. But in the situation that you wanna act wise as a player, there’s high probability that your game will cut & they’ll work together to use you as they like & dump you later.

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