Why #BBNaija Housemates Are ‘More’ Honored ‘Than’ First Class Graduates By State Government

Article by Dr Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group

I want to be honest here…. This lady is a first class graduate of Law from Bayelsa state, Nigeria… Recently, the government ignored this brilliant lawyer but honored an ex-housemate from Big Brother Näijä as Role model for Bayelsa Youths.

Why #BBNaija Housemates Are More Honored Than First Class Graduates By State Government

Well, here is my honest opinion….

We are living in a different generation. You can be angry at this decision or you can decide to calm down and learn from it.

I am a graduate of Biochemistry… I have advanced certifications in Information Technology.. Yet those aren’t feeding me… What’s feeding me is MY BRAND.

Success has moved from degrees to Brand…. You can argue this all you want but it is what it is. An Influencer on Instagram has more value than the degree in your cupboard. It is what it is.

While we celebrate the academic success of this sister, (we actually should), yet we shouldn’t condemn the success of the Big Brother Naija Influencer… They both are successful… And no one’s success is greater than another person’s success provided it was obtained in honest ways.

My advice – choose your route to success and don’t condemn someone else’s route.


Written By: Dr. Charles Awuzie – CEO of Gemsbok Group.

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