What’s Requirements for using View portion in MVC ?

Q)What is the requirement for using the View portion in MVC (Modev View Controller) architectural design pattern?

Below 5( Five) golden points with an example will definitely explain the requirement in detail:-

  1. It will improve the Look And Feel of the web applications.
    e.g- When we are using any website/application joyfully.

  2. It will provide an entry point for the users to interact with applications.
    e.g.- We are interacting with Linkedin.

  3. It will provide a decent environment to take data from users to submit data to the server-side application.
    e.g.- When we are submitting any form.

  4. It able to provide a very good environment to perform Client Side data validations by using JavaScript & jquery functions.

  5. It allows us to specify different types of requests of HTTP methods like- GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, etc to the web applications.