What To Know About LinkedIn JOB Finder


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that operates via websites and mobile application. It was founded by Reid Hoffman, often dubbed ‘the most connected man in Silicon Valley’, in 2002.

It is mainly used for professional networking,employment oriented-service including employers posting jobs. LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships.

How soon should you change jobs?

Here is what we have observed with our clients:

1. Junior level (0-4 yrs experience) – Anyone with less than an average of 1 year/job, such profiles are rejected

2. Mid level (5-9 yrs exp) – Anyone with less than an average of 2 years/job, such profiles are rejected.

3. Senior level (10 yrs+) – Anyone with less than an average of 3 years/job, such profiles are rejected

This also means that if someone moves quickly in his first few jobs, he/she needs to stick at a place for a long stint else the average will be much lower overall.

But what is the logic. Folks who change too frequently either are not able to adjust or are not performing well or dont have the patience. Most organisations may not want such folks.

Also folks who change too fast dont pickup skills. The hiring & training costs for employees is also there.

Actually its quite simple if you look at any successful ceo you will find he/she has spent many years in that organisation.

We have seen several good profiles not getting shortlisted because of the frequent moves.

This is common both with large organisations & startups. Sometimes startups may make exceptions but these are rare.

What is your average stint in an organisation?


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