What To Know About 1 Billion Names Googled Daily

Each and every thing that you do on any Social Media is leaving behind a trace and deepening your Digital Footprint.


I recently had a couple of discussions where I was asked the importance of #PersonalBranding

If you’re applying for a job

If you’re applying for a loan

Heck, if you’re meeting someone for the first time

Chances are they would have searched your name to get to know a bit more about Who You Are

What you do professionally is generally what comes up first, however, what sets you apart from the thousands of professionals in your space is very seldom a “Google” result

This 👆🏼 right here is why it’s essential for everyone to start building their own Personal Brand TODAY!!

The Know | Like | Trust factor is why people choose to do #business with you

The best way to build on your personal brand is not by telling people “What you do”, it’s by conveying to others “Who you are”

Tell us a bit about who you are below 👇🏼
Introduce yourself 🙏🏼

Pls don’t tell us what you do – we can look at your profile for that

Focus on what makes you tick, what your values are, what motivates you

This 👆🏼 is what people resonate with

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Article Written By: Joseph Saheb Youssef (LinkedIn User)

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