What To Do When #JOB Advertisement Instructs You To Use ‘Role’ As Subject Of The #Mail

What To Do When JOB AD Instructs To Use ‘Role’ As Subject Of The Mail…

Dear Candidates, when you see a JOB ad (advertisement) and it instructs to use the role as the subject of the mail. Please do this and be very sure about it.


Recruiters might have multiple roles and that subject is what they will use to search for your CV (Curriculum Vitae) in their emails. Failure to do this is a quick recipe to never get a callback.This is for all of you who are always in a hurry when applying for jobs.


Equally, here are Paramount factors to consider when choosing you dream Job anywhere in the world;

  1. What subject did you enjoy learning in secondary or primary school. This
    shows your innate tendency.
  2. What can you do repeatedly with passion even if no one pays you. Yes! This simply entails that Choosing a career is not all about the money, but about what will make you happy in the long run. Most lucrative careers are extremely competitive and in the long run if you lack passion you’d run out of steam and end up as a failure.
  3. Take Time To Run Adequate Check On It: Please in choosing your desired career job or business, never in any way rush into it maybe because your friends are doing it. Take adequate time to learn essential life skills and try new things. In the course of this you’ll find something you are really passionate about.

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