What is TestNet in Satoshi BTCs Mining ?

Testnet is an alternative blockchain used for testing to allow project developers to make changes without the main chain getting affected.

Testnet-BTCs (tBTCs) coins are worthless, and are separate and distinct from Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs). Separate wallet addresses must also be created to use coins within the testnet. This allows Satoshi team (Developers) and the BTCs Miners (testers) to experiment and do transaction, without having to use the real BTCs.

The Testnet is responsible for being able to run the updates on the Mainnet without major problems. Because this process is done first on the Testnet as a mock run. TestNet is used at key checkpoints in the overall process to determine how well the objectives are being met – finding out how well something works.

Development team upload updates to the testnet, where they will use the opportunity to conduct their own analysis. During this process, they seek to detect errors in the code or see how the new programming affects the test blockchain.

In summary, test network (testnet) can be viewed as a beta test phase. Once the new features have been fully tested and are confirmed successful, they are implemented into the main blockchain (Mainnet).

We are experimenting testnet-BTCs (tBTCs). Note that, testnet-BTCs (tBTCs) is for testing purposes only. It worth nothing. It is not the real Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) in your account. Do not fall victim to SCAMS because many people will be out there to sale tBTCs to newbies who doesn’t understand.

Creating a testnet profile, generating tBTCs address on MetaMask or fetching tBTCs from the faucet is 100% free, and not compulsory for every user. If you choose to participate in the testnet, then follow the processes and learn new things.

We’ve outlined the guidelines to set up a testnet profile, generate tBTCs address on MetaMask and fetch 1 tBTCs, here.

Project team of BTCs system has remained anonymous from the beginning. On March 9, 2018, the official website www.btc2100.com is encrypted, the registered information is anonymous, the server address is anonymous, and the mirror server flood network makes the system absolutely safe and prevents any force from closing it. All traceable and traceable damages are prevented, and complete anonymity is achieved through cryptography technology.

Look at the entire currency circle around the world! Only Satoshi Nakamoto has achieved absolute anonymity, absolute decentralization. There are no borders, no political background, no platform endorsement.

The Satoshi’s team has made effort to build the second-generation value blockchain, out-of-print signature coins BTCs + minting USDs, which is an opportunity for all of us to choose one in a thousand miles.

The Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) don’t have an official community currently, but there are miners (users)ʼ self built groups – join the Telegram Group ChatTwitter CommunityTelegram Channel for valid information regarding the project.

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