What Are The 5 Ways To PROGRAM Your Mind?

For years now, humanity has been been left out with many unanswered queries pertaining to the ways we can program our mind.

The question, What Are The 5 Ways To PROGRAM Your Mind? And How to PROGRAM your mind? didn’t start making great searches/requests of recent actually.

In today’s publication, we’ve deemed it necessary to share the best workable 5 ways to program your mind.

Here are 5 ways found by which to program your mind;

1. Thoughts: Write down all thoughts that bother you. Label them as Past, Present, Future. Just observing them & not get involved in them. Future thoughts make us worry, Past thoughts make us fail. Just doing this for a week can make all the thoughts go away.

2. Memories: Bad memories trouble us, so look for triggers, change those triggers & also store the bad memories as good memories. NLP has a simple technique to do this. Associating good things to the bad that happened can change this. Healing them also helps.

3. Auto Suggestion: If you keep suggesting to yourself everyday, several times a day, the mind considers it as a command & starts to make it happen. I did this regularly & it made me believe that it was possible.

4. Patterns: Any routine or pattern you create for the mind, the mind follows it. Just think about the way you brush your teeth exactly the same way everyday. The mind has programmed you. Break old patterns & form new ones.

5. Action: Positive action is the best way to program the mind. The mind feels good after it achieves something & wants more. Feeding positive thoughts lead to positive action. Keeping yourself busy is a great way to fool the mind.

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