“What actually does the Nigeria government do for her citizens?” — Catholic Priest asks

Nigeria which is reportedly the most populous black nation on planet earth, has been faced with many challenges ranging from insecurity, poor electricity supply, poor education, etc…

Despite that, Nigerians are known for their vibrant and friendly energy expressed through diverse creative expressions.

Reports gathered by Mentorslinks, entails that, Nigeria is home to the second largest film industry on the globe whilst also being the fashion, technological and creative hub in Africa.

Today, a controversial catholic priest, identified as, Fr Kelvin Ugwu, has asked his followers about some of the challenges facing the country ‘NIGERIA’ and what the government is doing for her citizens.

Odumeje: The Clown Of The Moment says Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

The clergyman who is the pioneer of #FacebookTelevision, stated that, it’s an honest question;

“What actually does the Nigeria government do for her citizens?

Water: have you noticed the increase of borehole companies even in Abuja? How many persons actually depend on Nigeria water cooperation for their water? In every house, there is a borehole. People are providing water for themselves, yet there are people in govt pay roll that are being paid to provide water.

Electricity: which average person in Nigeria does not have a generator? Have you step foot in Wuse market, a market at the center of the federal capital territory? Have you lived in Lagos? If you have 50 tenants, you will find 50 generator sets. Imagine the noise. Imagine the pollution. People see this sort of thing as normal. When you enter a place of residence, you will think it is a factory. What really is the government doing for her citizens?

Education: Those that will graduate after six years for a four year course are celebrating. If you are in govt University, you are not sure when your studies will finish. These days, if you want quality education, go to private schools. If you want to know the way your leaders see your education system, take note of the schools their children go to.

Security: Nigeria is filled with paradox. We have people in security sector, we budget huge sum of money for them to secure our lives and properties, but the citizens hire vigilante to watch over them while the big politicians employ the services of body guards and armed men to secure them. As it is in Nigeria, civilians are now recruited to secure police stations, yet we still think we have a government.

What really do citizens enjoy for being citizens?

It is a honest question. . .”

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