Weird Thoughts: Elites Rarely Spend Money for Anything

Wealthy people rarely spend their money on themselves. They get almost everything for free. Let me explain to you if this sounds incredible. I once met a Nigerian media celebrity (a former Big Brother Africa Host) on an overnight flight to Johannesburg last year. We exchanged pleasantries and a couple people struggled for selfies with him. He was in the Business Class while your guy was sandwiched between two bulky fellas in the poverty (economy) class.


At touchdown, I approached him and asked what he was up to in Johannesburg, if he had a show coming soon? He said no, that he just flew in to prevent his free annual unlimited Business Class tickets from expiring, that it was mandatory he visits South Africa once a year since the sponsoring company is a South African brand. He told me he was leaving the next morning for Los Angeles and it’s still a free Business Class pass.


Many companies and public organisations have holiday packages, scholarships to any school in the world, free homes, cars, foods, wardrobe allowances, security, healthcare etc., for their top executives and board members. The perks of office and retirement packages for top generals, government functionaries and business elites are mindboggling. Capitalism heavily subsidizes the rich but impoverishes the poor.


The elites live in a world of their own. The Osibajos, Obasanjos, Sarakis, Tinubus, Buharis etc., do not have to cough out a Kobo for their kids to school in Harvard. Government and private entities have provisions for them. The government tells you they can’t afford N30k minimum wage simply because, doing so would encroach into the freebies they get. An average government worker has no free healthcare, housing, security, education let alone holiday packages. Who born you?


Next time you see rich people displaying wealth, you understand that most of the things they enjoy, are absolutely free at your expense.