‘We Want Biafra, Not Igbo Presidencyʼ — IPOB Women

The Women Wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Obigbo Area 3, Igweocha, Biafraland, has emphatically stated that what they want is Biafra and not Igbo Presidency in Nigeria.

Speaking during an interactive session with Family Writers Press International on Thursday 13th August 2020, the Women Leader, Mrs. Chikezie M. Nkeiruka, who also doubles as the Biafraland National Women Secretary/Igwuocha matron, described Ohaneze Ndigbo’s quest for Igbo presidency, as completely born out of selfish interset.

She added that the freedom of Biafra and her people from the Nigerian contraption, is non-negotiable nor substitutable.

‘We Want Biafra, Not Igbo Presidencyʼ — IPOB Women

A couple of other women who lent their voices, equally noted that “it is rather too late for Igbo presidency” because they have made up their minds for Biafra.

Displaying placards with varying inscriptions, the Obigbo Area 3 women emphatically warned the overzealous Nigerian security agents to desist from the unjust, incessant arrests, detention and killings of innocent youths amongst others, across Biafraland.

“If they insist on illegally arresting, extorting and killing our children, we will have no other option than to show them how angry we are and it will not end well with them”, Mrs. Chikezie, further stressed.

The women grievously expressed their disappointment with the prevailing persecution of Christians in Nigeria. “Biafra is the only solution”, displayed one of the placards carried by one of the agitators.

The women strongly condemned the persecution unabatedly being meted on Christians in Nigeria and called for definitive intervention.

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