Ways To Raise Capital To Upgrade Your Crypto Portfolio

A crypto portfolio is software that manages your inventory of online currency investments, and helps you track each coin’s performance.

According to Egu Chris’ lecture, here are the various ways to raise capital in order to upgrade your crypto portfolio

i. Genuine Airdrops
ii. Black Market Crypto Trading
iii. Genuine MLM Smart Contracts
iv. Affiliate Marketing
v. Information Marketing

Point 1. Genuine Airdrops

Airdrop is basically the distribution of tokens/coins free of charge to participants who complete tasks assigned by crypto project owners or airdrop sponsors.

Airdrops are primarily implemented as a way of gaining public attention and new followers, resulting in a larger user-base and a wider disbursement of coins/tokens freely to participants.

When a team launches a coin or token, their major priority is gaining attention, hence the reason why they need to reward you in order help them gain the attention. They pay you for completing few tasks. & most importantly you don’t need any capital to start airdrop business.

90% of crypto airdrop adverts are likely to be fake and that is why you should investigate properly before participating in any Airdrop.

Most of the millionaires in dollars we have in the crypto space today started by participating in Airdrop. Even till today, I still do legit airdrops. The little amount I earned free of charge from BRG airdrop is currently over $400; that is how sweet airdrop is.

You complete simple tasks like subscribing to Telegram channel, referring, following a page on Twitter & Facebook E.T.C and get rewarded for it.
So Airdrop is one of the ways to make money online and raise capital in the crypto space without investing a dime.

What to consider before participating in any Airdrop;

  1. Is the Airdrop truly sponsored by the real team behind the project & what are the past records of the team behind the project?
  2. How reliable & trustworthy is the team behind the airdrop?
  3. Do they have a feasible whitepaper?
  4. What services do they intend to render?
  5. How do they plan to launch these services?
  6. Do they have a roadmap and how realistic is it?

How do I find legit airdrop to do and get rewarded?

You can check on https://airdrops.io/ from time to time to see latest airdrop and conduct your investigation before sacrificing your time. You can also follow new and genuine crypto projects on Twitter to know when their Airdrop will commence.

Point 2: Black Market Crypto Trading

This is the act of buying and selling crypto using WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media platform including offline environment. The only requirement is trust; if you have people that can trust you, that is all. You don’t even need capital to start this.
I don’t need to prolong this, I will explain it in a very simple way. Let’s take for instance, I’m one of your WhatsApp status viewers & I need 1000 TRX; the market price is 30 naira, you can offer to sell to me @ 31 naira and make 1 naira profit per TRX; that is a total of 1000 naira.

Before you can deliver the TRX, I need to send the money to you first which is 31,000 naira. You can use the 30,000 naira to buy the TRX from CoinsBid.net and send to the person or buy from me at 30 naira and send to the person while you keep your 1000 naira profit. This process is called “Black market crypto trading”
I use my WhatsApp status for this.

I buy coins from people at a lower rate and sell at a higher rate to others or third party sites like Binance and CoinsBid.net. I also buy coins at lower rate from third party apps and sell at higher rate to others ( status viewers). Sometimes I make as low as 1k profit from each transaction and sometimes I make as huge as 50k from a single black market deal.

There was a day I made over 70k instantly via buying Bitcoin from one of my viewers. I made profit when he wanted to buy through me as well. I make money almost every day from black market trading and it is very simple.

Almost 0.1% risk involved because the buyer must send money first and the seller must send crypto first if he/she is selling to you based on trust.

To start this, you need the following;

  1. A bank account with a minimum limit of at least 5,000,000 Naira.
  2. Binance and CoinsBid.net account
  3. Fastness: You need to always deliver faster to sustain your client and reputation.
  4. Trust & TronLink Pro wallet where you can be saving some of your profits in crypto.
  5. WhatsApp viewers (which you will get before the end of this event via our strategic WhatsApp status boosting program)
  6. A unique marketing strategy.

Point 3: Genuine MLM Smart Contracts

MLM Smart Contracts are a complete Decentralized, Multi-Level Marketing business Strategy based on the Blockchain-powered program built on various Blockchain networks like TRON, Ethereum, BNB, EOS and so on.

The MLM (Multi level marketing) industry has produced a good number of millionaires worldwide and it is considered as one of the best way to make money online but the greediness of some centralized MLM owners has discouraged a lot of people from venturing into MLM but the good thing is that there is an alternative. As the owner of a company, you can only steal when you have a way of stealing it but what if you don’t?

Even if you are the owner of a genuine MLM Smart Contract, the possibility of stealing from an MLM Smart Contract is almost 0.1% because any code/contract deployed on a blockchain network can’t be changed or edited so manipulating the system for selfish benefit is most likely impossible unless you programmed the stealing code before deployment; this why a lot of persons love decentralized smart contract program like Forsage. It gives power to everyone and not the owner.

I don’t want to talk too much about smart contract. Let me drop the screenshot of my Forsage ETH dashboard and Forsage TRX dashboard. You will understand why participating in a smart contract through the right person is one of the ways to upgrade your crypto portfolio.

I made over 35 ETH from Forsage ETH and over 200k TRX from Forsage TRX. These earnings are just from Forsage not to talk of other smart contracts I have done. Will you doubt me if i say it boosted my crypto portfolio? I started the 2 smart contract programs above with less than 5,000 naira each😀 You can imagine.

How do I start an MLM Smart Contract?

I won’t advise you to start any smart contract on ETH blockchain for now due to high gas fee. TRX smart contract era has faded away. We are about to switch into a new era; which is BNB smart contract era. Don’t miss out. I will drop an update subsequently about it, probably before the end of this eleven day elevation event. So don’t rush!

The first BNB MLM Smart Contract will be launched in April by Forsage ( no specific date yet). Forsage has made a name for itself when it comes to smart contract and I will be glad to be part of their upcoming program on Binance Smart Chain.

What do I need to make money beyond my expectation in any smart contract?

  1. Work with a selfless upline
  2. Believe in yourself not in any team
  3. Set targets and try hard to accomplish it
  4. Always ensure your down-lines are progressing; their victory is your victory. Carry everyone along
  5. Always ask Egu Chris for the new smart way to step up the game. There must be a way and there will always be a better way. You can’t know it all.
  6. Take it as your personal business and treat the business as if your whole life depends on it.
  7. Upgrade slots when necessary

Point 4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was the second business I did online after freelancing. I started without investing a dime and I made enough cash from it.

If Emeka is selling Betula palms at the rate of 4,000 naira each, you can strike a deal with Emeka that anytime you bring a client to him, he will give you 20% of 4,000 naira. This is called affiliate marketing. Anytime your client buys beyond the normal price, you will equally be at an advantage. This is the local illustration of affiliate marketing.

My affiliate marketing mentor back then in 2016 used to make 600,000 naira monthly by advertising products he doesn’t even have. He will sign up as an affiliate on e-commerce sites like amazon.com, jumia.com, konga.com and others then pick some products to promote on his blog, Facebook account and other social media platforms. He earns a tangible commission for every purchase made through the affiliate link on his blog post or any social media platform. The explanation is as simple as this.

There was a day he earned over $500 commission from the purchase of an item on Amazon through his link. You don’t even need any capital to start this. You might decide to design a sales page and budget little amount for advert. The remaining resource needed is TIME.

Please you can research about affiliate marketing on Google and other platforms to learn more. Then ask me more questions if you decide to venture into it.

Point 5: Information Marketing

This is the act of monetising your knowledge or selling a valuable information in exchange for $$.

In 2017 or thereabout, I studied and learnt how people make money daily by buying and selling data bundle. I did my research and unraveled everything involved. I decided to create a WhatsApp group to teach people; over 200 people joined the group.

I did a very attractive presentation describing the overview of what they stand to gain from the data reselling business then ask everyone to pay #1,000 naira in order to get added to a VIP group where I will teach them the secret and the main thing. Over 45 people paid in less than 3 hours including those who barely know me.

That is over 45,000 naira in 3 hours just for promising to teach people o. The money meant a whole lot to me back then. The next day more persons paid and so it continued till I found a new course to teach. I realised the money that helped me to support my mum’s business as at then.

I didn’t use any capital to buy my brain but I raised capital through information marketing. Research about valuable ideas and convert the knowledge into money.

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