(Video) “I Am The Only President That Was Impeached Without A Crime” — #DonaldJTrump

Hours ago, democracy was duly represented in the United States of America over the impeachment of the president, Donald John Trump. The House with majority Democrats has successfully impeached US President, Donald Trump. But the Senate with Majority Republicans will override the House Powers.






Americans need 2/3 Senate (67%) vote to convict Donald Trump which is near impossible with Republicans in majority in the Senate. Unless there would be a sabotage or political trading by his own party; the republicans. This entails that, Americans President, Donald J. Trump remains the incumbent President.



Lesson learnt, American legislators are teaching the world how politics is played matured and civil without blood bath. Equally, Statistics we gathered on Mentorslinks.com



Donald Trump has been impeached by Democrat-led House Of Representatives.



The Republican-led Senate has to make the final decision. Also, Impeachment doesn’t mean Trump is guilty. Check the memo below to learn more. Trump will still remain if he’s not guilty as charged.



I Am The Only President That Was Impeached Without A Crime” — #DonaldJTrump (WATCH VIDEO)