USDs Creation in Satoshi BTCs for Utilities

Satoshi BTC (BTCs) will create USDs to backup BTCs, this will be a medium building of utilities and complete decentralization for the project.

Over 230M units of BTCs is currently in circulation. This means that, verified participants have mined (accumulated) over 230M units BTCs out of the 2.1Bn TotalSupply.

Beware that, Satoshi BTCs ( is still on testnet phase and the official value/worth is $0

How To Register Satoshi BTCs :

Registration link:

  1. Click registration link to register and verify your email address.
  2. Download App after registration.
  3. Login and do real name authentication by entering your name including your ID number (National ID, Voter ID, driving licence or passport number)
  4. Then, do the Face Verification.
  5. Start Mining.

How to start mining

  • Click on the mining symbol at the bottom to start mining. Mining is automatic after clicking on the start mining.
  • You can go offline or switch off your data, but will still mine. When you come back, just click on “Receive BTCs” and your mined coins will be deposit to your account.
  • Mining starts automatically every 10 minutes after a block is received or not. Every block received is the mined BTCs coins.
  • Your “Receive BTCs” will be lighted in orange colour every 10 minutes if a block is received.

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