How to Generate testnet BTCs (tBTCs) Address

Here are the step by step guidelines to generate tBTCs address on MetaMask, for the Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) testnet, that was launched on the quarter one of 2022.

Satoshi Chain Testnet has been launched officially. Exchanges, developers, researchers, and users worldwide are invited to join the trial, get the high-performance chain experiences, and explore the infinite possibilities of Satoshi applications together.

Steps to fetch testnet-BTCs (tBTCs) on MetaMask

  • After downloading MetaMask on your mobile phone. Sign up and ensure that you keep your 12 keyphrase securely.
  • Next, open your MetaMask and click on the drawer (it looks like three short horizontal lines) located at the top left corner.
  • Select the Browser and paste this link: ; when it opens, scroll down to the bottom of the website and select “Add Satoshi Network
  • Then, carefully follow the screen instructions shown there to generate your tBTCs address.

  • When you are done, copy that your tBTCs address and open the normal browser on your phone (either Chrome or Firefox) and visit to paste that your tBTCs address to get 1 tBTCs from the faucet.

BTCs will serve as fuel (Network fee) for transactions just like Ethereum. This entails that, BTCs will be equal in fee’s same as ETH, and BTCs will be the same function both DeX and DeFi same with ETH. BTCs won’t be the same USD value as ETH itself at Mainnet instantly, but the same only on transaction both fees and function.

Satoshi BTCs will run on a PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism, embedded with Smart Contracts enabling developers to explore and develop projects on its Blockchain (Satoshi Public Chain).

Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) focuses on the global crypto market, as it is one of the most widely distributed digital currencies with the largest number of participants globally.

The economic behaviors covered by the world will blossom and flourish on the economic matrix of BTCs. With a solid foundation, advanced core technology, a large number of consensus and even distribution, the future prospects of BTCS are beyond imagination, and the value of BTCs will be worth the effort.

If the ecology of BTCs is up, it will be overwhelming and stunning to the world. At that time, people will redefine what is a real blockchain digital currency. Real digital currency isn’t about speculation, but real-life utility and social value. It is the safest private property of an individual, and doesn’t depreciate over time. Rather, with the increase in trade volume, scarcity appears, but will increase in value.

Please, take your BTCs mining serious, and endeavor to participate in the TestNet so as to understand Wallet operations on TestNet to avoid risk of asset loss due to your mistake when MainNet goes live.

Beware that testnet BTCs (tBTCs) is strictly for testing purposes only – on the Satoshi Chain Network, not for real (live) transactions as it doesn’t have value. Join the BTCs Telegram Community for collective info on latest news about the project.

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