Uncertainties Surrounding My Education Gets Me Depressed — IMSU Medical Student

A vibrant young Nigerian man identified as Godswill Nnamdi has taken to social media to narrate his current battle with depression over uncertainties that has surrounded his education.

Godswill Nnamdi is a Medical Student at Imo State University, he said that his long stay in school is making him battle depression at times and feel stagnant in life.

Uncertainties Surrounding My Education Gets Me Depressed — IMSU Medical Student
Godswill Nnamdi

Here’s full text of what he shared;

“I’ve gone into depression many times because of the uncertainties surrounding my education in Imo state university medical school of which I dealt with them on my own.

I’ve had to cut down my communication with my classmates in primary and secondary school because I dread the question…
WHEN ARE U GRADUATING? Of which the answer is “I don’t know”

I feel my life is stagnating because of the long stay in school and I know many of my colleagues feel the same way too or even worse.

Many of us our families are hoping and depending on us to graduate and help better the current situations in our different families.

Some of my colleagues don’t visit home again because we don’t know what to tell our parents and loved once again as to why we have not graduated up to this moment.

The norm has been 10+x years of medical studies where X is whether or not u have academics related setbacks which would extend ur years further.

Now the 10 years is no longer guaranteed and our stay in school is extending to 11+x years because we are definitely going to fail accreditation if the MDCN steps foot in IMSUTH. Our hopes of becoming medical Doctors and saving lives hangs on a thread and the government of IMO State led by senator Hope Uzodimma has refused to come to our rescue.

We are tired of staying in school. We did not offend anybody by pursuing our dreams in IMSU and so this punishment has to stop. We the IMO state university medical students implore every well meaning Imolite and Nigerians as a whole to help us spread the word. Help liberate us from this bondage. Help us reach out to the government and help us trend #saveIMSUTH on all social media platforms.”

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