Two 400L FUTO Students Dies Amidst Heart Attack During A Robbery

FUTO Community weep amidst the demise of Two 400L Students who are meant to be undergoing their Industrial Training. As gathered by, the two students died in the same scenario in two weeks.

According to a student of the institution, Okpara Francis who gave more clarification on how it happened; he wrote:-

Last week, we lost Emeka, the middle guy in the first picture.

Three days ago, I got a news about the guy in the second photo. I rang his line severally but he didn’t pick up. Yesterday, I did same and his sister called back for the shocker; “Peter is dead!”

About a week before Emeka’s death, Maxwell, Emeka and myself where at an event in Owerri were we discussed about building capacity and securing the future financially and otherwise. It didn’t occur to us that emeka wouldn’t stay to live this dream.

How did Emeka pass on?

He went to his IT place in PH, returning from PH to Owerri on Tuesday last week there was a robbery attack and gun shots. News has it that Emeka didn’t receive any bullet but was frightened and couldn’t survive the shock.

How did Peter die?

Peter had gone to PH too for IT related stuffs, returning to Owerri they also got attacked by armed robbers. According to the story, the army men from the nearest checkpoint intervened and that led to a shoot out. Peter wasn’t shot too, but couldn’t stand the shock. He passed on.

Everything transpired along the same PortHarcourt to Owerri road and they are undergoing same Industrial Training (IT) in the same robbery and shootout case, and the both are 400 level students of FUTO.

I did not know it is so had to type RIP. I couldn’t mourn Emeka enough, I still can’t. He left at a time I got to know him more. I have known Peter since 5years ago from Orlu.

Reporter: Okpara Francis C.

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