Reviews: UniSwap Airdrop via TronLink Pro (Legit or Scam)

Unraveling the hidden reviews about the newly launched UniSwap 400 Airdrop via TronLink Pro Wallet – Crypto Currency Reviews.

How To Earn With UniSwap Airdrop and Accumulate Free Points:-

After UniSwap 400 Airdrop another 300 Points Giveaway!! 🎁

  • Create Account

  • Click “me” section then “friend invitation”

  • Click claim rewards at top enter code: Akvy

  • and Claim your 300 points 💰


The point can be exchange to BTC, ETH or other credits in the future.

Tron Link wallet is also compatible with Forsage On Tron Registration as well.

Available in both ISO and Google Play Store; here»

or Download the app TronLink on Google play

or Download the app TronLinkpro wallet

Invitation Code: use 👉 Akvy

How to earn 300 points on TronLink:-

1- Go to Play Store (Android phone) or App Store (IOS), download App TronLink Pro
and create a wallet.

2- After opening the frame, touch the word “Me” in the lower right corner of the

3- Select and touch “Friends invitation”

4- Then choose to touch “Claim Rewards” and enter the invitation code “Akvy”.

You will get 300 Points which can be expected to be a big amount.

Just wait, you will be able to convert it to BTC ETH TRX in your wallet

Free money same as Uni-coins today

P.S. We’ve tested it and verified. TRON LINK Giveaway is real.

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