Transhuman Coin – Scam or Legit? (Reviews)

Transhuman Coin ($THC) is strong project backed by a Team who are committed to the growth and advancement of science and technology in enhancing longevity and leveraging on the enormous advantage of blockchain technology.

It is the first and only token currently that is dedicated to Transhumanism – ideology of enhancing human life via Science and Technology.

They have mapped out plans on the health products to be featured on the THC e-store, and they will be bought with Transhuman Coin, $THC only. The team is partnering with an OEM manufacturer who will manufacture and brand the products with TRANSHUMAN COIN brand and quality specifications.

This is a SMART Blood Pressure Monitor which connects to Android and IOS apps. It measures your Blood Pressure and ECG and sends data to selected contacts including your doctor – to help user manage their health better. In the case of a high blood pressure, this device will automatically send SOS 🆘 to selected contacts including Transhuman Coin Health Emergency Line.

Message from a supporter of the Transhuman Coin project, Chimezie Abraham Akachukwu, partly reads;

“…When anyone tells you about a project, do research on it, at least by visiting CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko – to obtain necessary information and direct links (project’s website, WhitePaper, team, contract address, etc). Google search for reviews/info and watch related YouTube video(s) too… Research on Transhuman Coin ($THC) and bag enough for long term; Everything you need to know about Transhuman Coin is here.”

Steps to buy Transhuman Coin:

  • Step1: Download Trust Wallet.
  • Step2: Open your trust wallet and write down your recovery phrase in a save place. (I recommend your personal diary and Email)
  • Step 3: Get a verified vendor to buy your BNB or buy from Binance if you are verified.

How to receive BNB: After opening your Trust wallet, you will see list of coins starting from Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Smart Chain. Select the “Smart Chain” and 3 options will pop up. SEND, RECEIVE, COPY. Select receive and copy the address. Send the address to the vendor so you could be credited.

  • Step4: After receiving your BNB, check the down part of your Trust wallet and select Dapps. Scroll down an select pancakeswap. Connect your wallet by selecting trust wallet.

You will notice 2 coin appeared. BNB at the top and cake at the bottom. Tap on cake and paste Transhuman Coin contract address on the search.

  • Step5: Tap on Max that appears under BNB. Check the upper part of your screen,you will notice a setting sign, tap on it and you will find slippage tolerance. Select the last box an input any number between 7-12 (7 work for most people)
  • Step6. Tap on the close page sign at the top an you will be taken back to your pancakeswap page. Scroll down an Select “ENABLE” then select SWAP. Another page will pop up, Approve the transaction and your THC will be credited.

NOTE!!! If the transaction fails, go back an increase your slippage and try again. Remember to add Transhuman Coin as a custom token before buying to avoid complains that your coins aren’t showing.

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