Top Crypto Exchanges vs Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs)

Apart from mining BTCs, exchanging of HashCard and referring people to the project, you need to research further about this project to be able to visualize what the future holds for everyone that is actively mining BTCs.

Top Crypto Exchanges vs BTCs

CEX Name                 Exchange Score

  • Binance               9.9%
  • Coinbase             8.7%
  • FTX                      8.4%
  • Crypto°com        8.2%
  • Kraken                 8.0%
  • KuCoin                7.7%
  • Huobi                   7.7%

Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) network speed is faster than the aforementioned world’s top level crypto exchanges. It is as fast as 10 quotes per second and has clear quote functions, and providing perfect Index accuracy, compared to others. Committed to providing professional, accurate, and fastest quotation and data analysis services. With globally distributed market data servers, price updates are as fast as ten times per second & allow users to view massive amounts of global information at the same time…

BTCs provides multi-dimensional analysis & supports price trend analysis, including candlestick charts, OHLC charts, line charts, & professional analysis indicators such as MACD/KDJ/RSI/BOLL/WR. + market capital flow monitoring allows users to view inflow & outflow of funds.

BTCs development team (founders) stated that, a total of 2.1 billion BTCs are issued, which can be obtained through two mining methods :

  1. Mobile mining (which we’re doing currently)
  2. On-chain Decentralized Node Mining (which will start immediately Mainnet goes live)

The #mobile mining of BTCs is simply an innovative #Airdrop method, aimed to create awareness about the project & give opportunity for more real humans to be in possession of BTCs; mobile #Mining will generate total of 525.6m BTCs at exactly BlockHeight 105120 by Dec 12, 2022.

The on-chain decentralized Node mining will commence when mainnet goes live, and run concurrently with mobile mining until when mobile mining will end. Then, mining BTCs can b done via Nodes only. Details wil be available on Tech whitepaper that’ll be released when testnet starts.

Currently, people in over 100 countries are actively mining BTCs, and this is a huge breakthrough for the project in terms of massive adoption globally and laying strong foundation for the Satoshi Public Chain and future development.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s open source code project continued by loyal anonymous high skilled cryptographer and individuals with knowledgeable debugger, coder and financial technologist across the world. Lets keep moving forward for our next generation as we keep mining BTCs, remember the whitepaper stated that Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) will be equal to Ethereum both function & value of its fees.

Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) aims to build the third most globally recognized Public Chain which is named Satoshi Public Chain – the future blockchain economic infrastructure, the future is a world of smart contracts, a programmable world. The new World will have new monetary, financial and organizational structures, and new ways of co-operation.

BTCs devs invented the Satoshi + consensus algorithm, which is the third revolutionary technology in blockchain and encryption. Join the telegram group of BTCs Satoshi to get acquainted with latest news regarding the project.

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