TimeStope Name Reviews And Email Confirmation (Details)

TimeStope is a newly developed crypto currency that has been on free mining on 7th October 2020 which is aimed at creating awareness and making many people be in possession of the coin before it will be launched officially and trading will commence.

TimeStope Name Reviews And Email Confirmation (Details)

TimeStope Name Reviews And Email Confirmation (Details)

TimeStope users/ participants are hereby by this special notice advised to update their names, date of birth, nationality, and email address.

The memo displayed on the TimeStope Mobile App dashboard reads;


The UPDATE button in the PROFILE is to correct personal information for future KYC, not for email updates.
If no information needs to be corrected, there is no need to update or provide the email.

=>Click the Update button in the Profile. You can only change ONCE.”

Steps To Update Name and Email Address on TimeStope;

  1. Open your TimeStope mobile app.
  2. Click on the drawer (ie the three horizontal lines at the top left corner)
  3. Select profile and click Update. You’ll see everything.

Best Regards.

FAQ About TimeStope (Reviews)

Question 1: I heard the TimeStope app is a Scam and it can access your information on your device, is it true?

Answer 1: Facebook, WhatsApp and every other Mobile App does the same. It is left for the user to Allow the App such permission or Deny it.

People passing the rumour are ignorant. Go to your phone settings, check Apps & Notifications, locate the TimeStope, then check permissions and switch it off.

Question 2: I saw it on the Pi Network Facebook Group that TimeStope is fake and Scam, is it true?

Answer 2: What do you expect. It’s normal thing. It’s called competition. DSTV has been fighting TSTV. Bitcoin is fighting Ethereum… Ethereum is as well fighting other coins. It’s all competition.

Pi Network will as well fight every other upcoming crypto currency with false information. It’s all left for the participants to run proper investigation. Never put your eggs in one basket. Take all this as side-job, when Bitcoin free Mining came up in 2009, if you knew the amount of false information they encountered, then you’ll learn to always calm down to investigate before concluding.

TimeStope Reviews – SCAM or LEGIT ?

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