Thursday Motivation: Pick Up Your Pieces – Mentorslinks

Today’s article for Thursday Motivation on Mentorslinks is Pick Up Your Pieces because worry doesn’t melt out today’s trouble. Instead, it deprives tomorrow of its joy.

Thursday Motivation: Pick Up Your Pieces - Mentorslinks

It makes you lose sight of your dream and will afterwards, render you ineffective and unproductive.

It is for everybody but can’t be tolerated by everybody.

Your past might’ve been embittered with acute disappointment, depression, misfortune, regrets, mistakes, cries, pitfalls, disgrace and all sort.

But don’t dwell much on your past lest the success of today slides off your hands.

The scripture recorded that “weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”.

Why should you weep in the night when you know for sure that your joy will shine forth in the morning?

Worrying is a waste of time. Rather than biting your lips for the wrong done in the past, let it be a bygone.

Channel that precious time to scheduling out your plans, re-strategize in the night and let the result speak for you in the morning.

WEAKEN your yesterday to STRENGTHEN your today. Pick up the pieces and build yourself a mighty mansion.

Pick Up Your Pieces, because we are all affected by external factors and our balance is tested on a daily basis.

When we learn to keep away the things we cannot metabolise and are draining our energy out, we start to improve.

Those inner improvements are visible from outside and we start to irradiate positivity.