Throwback: Emeka Ike vs Genevieve Nnaji on Nollywood

Emeka Ike, Genevieve Nnaji – The Biggest On Screen Chemistry In The History of Nollywood

Let’s check back to the early 2000’s when #Nollywood used to pair their romantic lead role actors. It was then a hot and sensational pair were created. The duo of EMEKA IKE and GENEVIEVE NNAJI. These two could easily pass for a real life couple. They looked so good together.


Back then, there were no producer who wouldn’t wish that the duo agrees to pair together as a couple in their movies.  It was very much glary for everyone to see. The way they perfectly fit each other and the glow in whatever script they were interpreting. They made acting love stories look so effortlessly easy. Like, they had known and found each other way before they were even discovered.


GENEVIEVE NNAJI, knew just how to cling to him like he was her world, and Ike was always so showy with the display of unending affections he normally showered on her. At a time Ramsey Noah jnr who was his back then rival lost in a battle of conquest for the heart of Genevieve in one of the then movies the three featured in: Passion and pains.

Watching these two made everyone who did, to love to love. To begin to imagine what it felt like being lucky to have a perfect partner. But a time came, and we no longer saw them act together. This broke their fans hearts, malnourished and left it hungry. The sudden change and abrupt stop happened because of the emergence of premiered cinema films in Nigeria, New acts and trends springing up to outshine some of the legacies we once held on to.

Complete List of movies the duo featured in. Download some, or get them in film stores. They are still very much available:

  1. Beloved.
  2. Two together.
  3. Not man enough.
  4. Death warrant.
  5. For better, for Worse.
  6. To love and to hate.
  7. Passion.
  8. Passion and pains.
  9. Mine forever.
  10. Love affair.


Currently, their hardcore fans in Nigeria and Abroad are still hoping that someday they will get back together to once again to entertain them💖

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