Things You DON’T Need To Apologize For In Your Career

Things You DON’T Need To Apologize For In Your Career:

  1. Slow replies on emails.

  2. Being hard to reach on your day off.

  3. Taking a new job.

  4. Leaving a toxic culture.

  5. Saying goodbye to a bad boss.

  6. How you dressed for the meeting.

  7. Being late for a meeting.

  8. Getting sick and taking care of yourself.

  9. Needing a mental health day due to covid crisis fatigue.

  10. Working part-time.

  11. Falling short of your KPIs. (You tried your best.)

People don’t notice half the things you apologize for.

Stop apologizing so much and focus on doing your best.

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Credit: Tim Denning (LinkedIn User)

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