The word ‘BOSS’ and the little authority attached to it

Being Boss But Not Too Domineering!!!


Tyrannical attitudes has rendered some bosses of twenty first century very useless and worthless in the society. The word BOSS and the little authority attached to it has eaten deep into the fabric of some person’s reasoning. Having a deeper understanding of what BOSS actually mean, gives one an great opportunity to become more of what oneself is.



In several occasions, I have noticed some people who are known as boss in organizations, companies, schools, industries and firms, using the position arbitrarily, thereby accumulating some levels of hatred they don’t have capacity of converting to love. Some of these people, maltreatment of their subjects has become a culture. In the case, being a boss has absolutely given them the privilege to exercise powers of wickedness, heartlessness and objectionable attitudes.



Hey, Mr Boss, being what you are means an opportunity to do more, learn more and become more. Being friendly, to some extent, to your subjects attracts more of their love towards you. Abstinence from I TOO KNOW has all it takes to build you more as a boss. A boss, in some cases, can actually learn from his subject. Pomposity is one of dangerous destiny killer, desist from it, even as a boss.



Always admit your areas of imperfections. Develop the attitude of listening, even as a boss. Feel sorry when you didn’t get it right. Be friendly and stop claiming JAGABAN. Always learn to become more of you. Eradicate the spirit of being to bossy in you, call me and communicate to me, how successful you have become.

Written By:
Uzoma Wisdom Kelechukwu
Published By:
Mentorslinks com

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