The Universe And How To Access Luck, Positive Changes In Life

“The Universe does not play with dice, and luck comes to those who take positive action.” -Astrology

Your luck must change so much before the end of this month for good provided you keep going into the right direction which I gave you.


Last time, I told you never ever waste your lifetime with unnecessary excuses because I foresee your financial status changing for good in the coming weeks. I know that alot will be happening in your love life, and now, I have very good news once again: a lot of things are happening in your sky. The reason for this is that there are two major astral transits improving your LUCK happening very soon and as Luck and Astrology are incredibly linked, I would like to tell you a short story that my mother used to tell me and that actually deepened my interest in Astrology.

It’s the story of Martin, a married fisherman with three children. In many ways, Martin has succeeded in every area but one: he is very poor. One day, filled with worry, he decided to go to the mountain. There, at the foot of the mountain, he found some apples and he fed his family. The following week he returned to the mountain and climbed higher, there he found some land with carrots, and he fed his family for three days. And every week, he returned to the mountain and climbed higher and higher, finding more and more. Now, Martin never became rich or famous, but he could provide for his children, and he had everything he wanted.


My mother would say, “The Universe does not play with dice, and luck comes to those who take positive action.”


Using astrology, and acting on the planets is a positive action! And I know that, like Martin, you are ready to climb that mountain! I know that you want to better yourself and all areas of your life: your love life, your career, your projects, your finances, the Universe is bringing you a reward!


This month comes with INCREDIBLY lucky transits that will specifically give you the luck you deserve and need so much! I have analyzed the astral configuration to come and I’m sure you will be as amazed as I am: There are many things happening in the sky right now my dear, and the first important event is Jupiter in Capricorn, that is happening right NOW!


But listen to me, I can interpret the movements in your astral sky and what they mean for you because I am fully dedicated this 6 months which I’ll guide you by giving you tendencies and showing you changes and opportunities that’ll boost your star🌟


There is still a lot to interpret and I haven’t finished studying the events, but I can already tell you that you will meet someone very important that will make a difference in your life, give you a new perspective and bring you to new opportunities! There are things you can do to prepare for this meeting, to make sure you don’t miss it, and I’ll show you what those things are: I know you’re looking for a helping hand, and that’s why I will ALSO create your Lucky times! Your lucky times are the EXACT moments that the Universe specifically favors you, HOUR BY HOUR for a whole month Continue Reading>

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