The Skill I Would Love To Acquire – Amajuoyi Rejoice Febechukwu [How And Why?]

Public speaking is a skill I would love to acquire – Amajuoyi Rejoice Febechukwu



“When love and skill work together, expect a beautiful masterpiece.” (John Ruski). I experienced a lot of intimidation at childhood. I could only express my feelings through writing which birthed my first unpublished story book at age 13.


However, I needed to be well again because low self-esteem is a sickness that if you do not cure, would leave you shivering on your lonely bed or make you grow cold feet at the slightest mention of addressing the public. And after I made a miserable mockery of myself the very first day I addressed my fellow students on devotion ground, (as the deputy senior prefect) I developed passion for public speaking skill.

I fell in love with public speaking even though I had the phobia called Glossophobia.

Public speaking is a skill I would love to acquire. Basically, it is known to be the process of communicating information to a specific audience whether large or small, which requires boldness and courage from an individual making a presentation. It could be a formal or an informal setting. It is structured with three general purposes: to inform, to persuade or motivate and to entertain.


  • To inform: the speaker tends to teach or give lessons to the audience on how to do something. Examples are; business presentations and seminars done by University students.

  • To persuade or motivate* : this is done to influence the audience to do something or persuade you to change your mind about something or motivates you to become better and take actions that will improve your life. Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and Fela Durotoye to mention but a few are typical examples of speakers on this course.

  • To entertain: speakers on this purpose are mostly found at event such as weddings, dinners, concerts and they are mostly artists. It could be a comedian, Master of ceremonies (M.C) or any artist.

How do I acquire this public speaking skill?

  • First is, having a defined reason for acquiring the skill (which is my driving force).
  • Secondly, developing a passion for it just like I said “I fell in love with public speaking”
  • Getting a mentor that is a specialist in public speaking or a role model.
  • Taking a step further by registering for public speaking classes in organizations like; Speak for change (Jude Nnamdi), New Era public speaking school (Engr. Uba Nduwuisi) etc.
  • YouTube is my best friend so far. There are lots of videos on public speaking that will help. And Google for my researches.
  • Finally, creating room for improvement which is the largest room, then practice as much as possible – practice makes perfect. (Which is very crucial in public speaking)

“Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation” John Ruskin said and I overheard Daniel Kahneman say that acquisition of skills requires a regular environment, an adequate opportunity to practice, and rapid unequivocal feedback about the correctness of thoughts and actions.

Why Public speaking?

  • When your why is strong, your how becomes easy.  I have a strong ‘why’ for choosing public speaking as a skill and it’s such that I can still say I got drunk. Since I discovered my purpose which is to help youngsters discover and nurture their potentials, public speaking became unarguably my best skill to help lay a good foundation as a requirement for good communication with respect to my story having had this great fear of talking in public.

    With public speaking skill, my self-confidence will be built, I can improve on my communication skills, have the ability to pass my message across successfully and boost my performance in other areas of life (such as business, networking, building quality relationships, growing influence, career and leadership).

    Perspective(s) from different scholars and notable speakers would make you agree with me that public speaking skill is needed in every phase of life. At some point in your life you will need to do it. Will Smith said “No matter how talented you are, your talent will fail you, if you’re not skilled. Skill is an achievement through practice. Work hard and dedicate yourself to being a better person every single day”



Written By: Amajuoyi Rejoice Febechukwu – Student at Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO.

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