The Power Behind Silence

Silence in this context, I define: The act of refraining from speaking. Many have escaped numerous devastating situations and circumstances, just because the act of keeping silent was adopted. Silence has the capacity of weakening any bad intentions against you as a person.


I hear some people say most times: Silence Is The Best Answer To A Fool. Dear, in this 21st century, as nobody is characterized of being foolish, the above is applied to everyone, depending on the situation on ground. Not every situation require your attention and speech. Some are to be neglected while some are to be followed up with WISDOM.


Somebody may ask: How can one know exactly when to keep silent and when to react in situations? The fact that God gave each and everyone of us Wisdom answers that question. But, in the below content, I’ll give a brief guidelines.


—Always Be Silent In Anger Situations: Your ability to handicap the anger in you, just to embrace silence in an anger situations rekindles your strength. One of the silence quotes I have encountered says: Silence is a source of great strength. What’s this strength for? It is absolutely for the regain of already lost appetites, confidence, emotional stability and positive thinking. Once again, learn to keep silent in an anger situations, no matter what.


—Be Silent From Speaking Evil: Whenever false conversion is being held against somebody, evil is has been committed. It is absolutely advisable to always keep silent whenever a conversation that is perceived evil is going on; whether with friends or family. The Bible says in Proverbs 13:3: Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life; he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin. Unnecessary conversations should be avoided. Be wise!!!


—Be Silent When Listening To Advice: Yes! This is very important, especially when you are listening to the advice in an anger mood or frustrated mood. Your ability to hold your tongue gives you positive way forward. In Proverbs 10:19, the Bible says: Transgression is at work where people talk too much but anyone who holds his tongue is prudent. Are you ready to be prudent?


—You don’t keep silent over a particular evil because of friendship or family: Do you know that your ability to walk to someone and correct oneself based on evil committed, without covering it, rates you positively in the mind of such person. Don’t keep silent when you know that your friend, sibling, parents are not doing something wrongly. Doing so counts you an evil person. Speak to correct and leave the rest for God. Always be an advocate of good not evil.


—Lastly, God is the best communicator when it comes to “Whether to speak or to keep silent”. Always listen to your God’s advice and instructions, in order not to be a victim of disaster. ~ WisTab Uzoma (CEO: WisTab Tv)

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