‘That Poor Orphan Girl’ — Dr. (Mrs) Ebelechukwu Daniel (PhD) shares her life story

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Dr. (Mrs) Ebelechukwu Daniel (PhD) shares her life story…

Dr. (Mrs) Ebelechukwu Daniel (PhD) today being her birthday shared her life story, even as she recounts how God sent a man to wipe her tears by volunteering and single handedly paying her tution fees through her five years in Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO.




“That Poor Orphan girl. I was born into a family of 5 children and happened to be the last born of them all. My father was a secondary school physics teacher, who was snatched by the hands of death just at the peak of his carrier as a level 16 staff.I was just 9 years old & in my primary 4 promoted to 5. Life wasn’t so pleasant leaving without a dad because loosing a parent was my greatest fear. I and my other four siblings were left for a young widow to take care of, who earlier before her husband died was encouraged to start supplying sand and stone as a carrier after spending four years in Rivers State University in secretarial studies. That was a good advice though, because I wondered how she would have coped with five children if she was still working as a secretary in a sec. sch.



The journey just began. We were thrown out of the Fed Govt. Quarters to find our level. From frying pan to fire. We were planning to go to Aba from PH to leave in a face me I face you one room apartment or better still a one room apartment in Rumuagholu PH. That was what my mum could afford at the moment. Puzzle! How do we squeeze in all the properties that came out from a duplex into a one room apartment. We need space to keep them, because it was only a miracle in the wilderness that will make them fit in. We opted to divided our belongings in bits and keep them safe in friend’ s houses. You know people now? no one accepted that his house had space no matter how big it was.



Do we pack them to the village? What about cost of transportation? Who could afford it then. We came to a cross road at this point. Where do we go from here? Pressure on every side, but God showed up at the nick of time. One of my dad’s friends by name Engr. Ezenekwe, came around to know we were faring and saw the situation on ground. Immediately he asked if we can manage to stay us one of his houses a 4 bedroom flat estate with other uncompleted quarters, which he just bought and was undergoing construction. What? Did you say manage? Hmm! Did we have a more glorious option than this. We quickly accepted the offer and packed in to house with enough space and even a security man to guard and open the gate for us.



Six months later, God was still at work and enabled us pack into our own 3 bedroom flat apartment though it wasn’t fully completed, no light connection, soak away half way finished, unplastered building etc. Na who we send message? at least we had the windows, toilets and the roof fixed. Proudly land lord! Built single handedly by my hustling mum. We had to leave in a hurry at least to avoid overstaying our welcome and allow the Engr finish the construction and conversion of the house to his proposed guest house, which was put to a halt for our sake. God bless Engr Ezenekwe for allowing God use him.



The journey continued as my mum struggled to carter for 5 children through school with the assistance of family and friends. Four were already in the higher institution, with 3 amongst them graduating the same year 2003. My admission was already in the pipe line because I and my mum traveled together to FUTO to secure it, just like I went with her to secure my secondary sch admission with tears when my dad passed on. We were given a condition to pack out of the staff quarters before my admission letter would be handed over to me though I was admitted on merit.



That same year at the verge of our new song we lost our mum to the cold hands of death. I and my siblings joined the league of orphans. That which I dreaded most came to me. A new page was opened in our lives. Two weeks after my mum’s death my admission letter into FUTO, to study Soil Science and Technology came forth. What do I do with this news when the bread winner of the house is about to go six feet down the earth. These thoughts went through my mind as tears rolled down my Cheeks. This should be good news, turned sour in our hearts with the question who will see you through sch? One of my siblings made an unforgettable comment to me and I quote” why is that when its your turn to get to the next level, things turn out difficult for you” making reference to my secondary sch days when getting admission for me was a tog of war, which was based on the condition that we vacate the sch premise. Getting my university admission wasn’t easy for me after my three sittings of JAMB. The admission finally came, but mum was no more, to assist.



These words pierced through my spirit and I cried!!! broken, like Jabez of Old. “Oh Lord change my story, make life easier for me” God truly saw my heart and sent a man to wipe my tears in the person of Engr and Evag. Mrs Everest Njaka. They volunteered and single handedly paid my tution fees through my five years in FUTO. God will continue to bless his family for me. God used my uncles and aunties from my maternal home to assist me in feeding money, handouts, project money, etc. God bless you more abundantly: Uncle Mau, uncle Ken, aunty Oby, aunty Chim, Mummy Cordelia, aunty Ij, aunty Anuri etc., and their spouses. And other friends whom must have supported me in one way or the other God bless you all.



The chips were down when I graduated from uni. No more pocket money, which excuse you wan take get money? My friend go and look for work you are now a graduate. My other siblings were on their own looking for greener pasture. Graduates without a job. We stayed some moments without food but God was sustaining us. As a God fearing young girl I had vowed not to defile my self for any cause if I perish I perish. God saw my heart helped me fulfill my promise. Before my youth service I had to find a way to survive before I die untimely because of hunger, so I resorted to hawking pastries in the streets of PH. I survived.



To cut the already long story short, immediately after my youth service,God settled me with a tear leather husband: my anchor, my backbone,My crown, my glory and my pride. Arc. Daniel Chukwu. You will live long to eat the fruit of your labor. He cleaned me up, helped me enjoy a better phase of life and supported me to earn the New title I bear now: Dr. Mrs Ebelechukwu Daniel Chukwu. God Bless my Darling husband. God still uses men to bless people. Who would ever believe that, that poor orphan girl who struggled to get a bachelor’s degree is now a confirmed Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Survey and Land Use Planning. To God be all the glory. To all my lecturers in the Dept of Soil Science, Uni Uyo, that helped to make this degree a reality especially my supervisor Dr B. T. Udoh, my sincere appreciation. My children, my family, siblings, friends and well wishers etc. for all your support, prayers and encouragement, Thanks and God bless you all. There is no GLORY without a STORY!!! Tough times never last but tough people do.



I decided to share this story on this faithful day( my birthday). I celebrate the God in me. To my Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory and the overall thanks!!! Hope this story encourages some one.


Signed: Mrs Ebelechukwu Daniel (PH.D.)”

Dr (Mrs) Ebelechukwu Daniel (PhD)

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