Ten Type Of Student You Meet Among Higher Institution Freshers

The type of newly admitted students you get to meet in school

Though they say “a whole lifetime is not enough to study half of human attitude” but human being can still be understood at least to some extents. The wise one said “you cannot know everything about something, so try to know something about everything”. If you’ve been admitted into any higher institution before, you must have at least met one of these students I am about to pen out, and if you’ve never been admitted, just relax, it is 99.9% sure that you’ll meet at least one of these students whenever you get there.


The School Freak:

Most of these show their “swags” online, they will take pictures making sure that the name of their school shows at the background of the pics, they look down on those who haven’t got admission as if they are outdated or they are not “among”. Their social status-updates are like #UNN Better By Far #School Life is Making Sense #GSP 101 on point #Matric on My Pwetty Mind etc. Some of them will un-friend their secondary school friends that are yet to get admission. Sad though!!!


The Story Tellers:

These ones will always have story to tell about their previous life and secondary school life, if their roommate is someone that does not like listening, that means the person is in trouble because they’ll continue to tell him/her even if he/she is tired of hearing. They can talk! smiley. The “Level Don Change” Girls Probably they’ve been watching campus movies when they were in secondary school, fantasizing the flamboyant lifestyle of the so called “big girls”, they have now concluded in their mind that immediately they secure admission, “them go take for school!”. So, their first aim in school is to “belong”, the rich ones among than will lie to collect money from home to buy new clothes, shoes, makeups, bags etc while the less privileged ones will start “business” (runs) with their “fixed capital” (body) in the name of being the “big girl”.


The Queen’s Children:

You’ll recognize this type within the 3days of interacting with them, though their English sounds like learners’ English yet they still form Queen Elizabeth’s intonation (British English) with their imbalance English like Diego Coasta’s feet cheesy they think before they pronounce each word so as to avoid mistake, most of them, their parents don’t speak English to them at home, they may not even understand it, yet they’ll ignore their own dialect and become queen Elizabeth’s children. I’m not going against them for speaking English because practice makes perfection but neglecting your own language totally is a turn off and I personally count it as “forming” and insecurity (maybe you’ll be rejected), some will even pretend as if they don’t understand their dialect at all until (her) mum calls cheesy that’s when you’ll hear Igbo-ora/Lanlate dialect grin or the conc Anago from Ipokia gringrin.


The Holier-Than-Thou:

These ones will answer thus; if you ask them these any day any time;
Where are you going? Church.
Where are you coming from? Fellowship. What are you reading? Bible. Who were you talking to on phone? The youth pastor. When are you leaving? After the choir rehearsal.
What is that on your lips? Anointing oil.
Their hijab is almost 12yards, they won’t sshake guys (it’s “haram” taboo), the most annoying thing is if you’re not doing what they do, they’ll look at you as a sinner. “God first” Yes, that still remains the unchangeable fact, God first in everything we do but do the right thing at the right time, God is not looking at it from the same perctive with us, and remember that; excess of everything is bad. Obviously, 50% of this category of Freshers ARE NOT HOLY/RIGHTEOUS. “Their talking drums change tone when the party gets to the middle”.


The Clothes Borrowers:

From their name, they can borrow anything clothes, they will never be contented with what they own, always want to form big boy with someone else clothes.


The Over-Jovial Ones:

Their mouth is as sharp as that of razor blade made in Czech Republic grin they can talk to anybody, they always have what to tell everyone they meet, they ask all the questions in the class during the lectures, some of them are just forming “notice-me” while others have the talent of being free around everybody. Before you know it, they are already famous in the school within one week and likely to be the Course Rep.


The Silent Killers:

I so much love these ones, they mind their business like no one else exists, they hardly ask questions in the class, it takes only the genius to identify them quick, they read extensively and do things ingeniously, they study anything that can be studied, their aim is to lead others by far before they notice them, students don’t notice them until the first semester result comes out, then you’ll be hearing something like “who’s this person that packed all the A’s in our department?” Before you know it, the concerned ladies will begin to find out about (him) and become (his) friends just to tap from his wisdom and others wink they become very popular starting from the second semester because everyone will want to be their friend.


The ”Needies” Types:

These ones always need everything as if the admission they got is an impromptu one, they need apartment and no money for it yet, they need acceptance fee urgently, they need note for writing, they need to change most of their clothes, they need browsing phone at least Nokia 2626 sad they need handouts and no hope for money yet sad they are not happy most of the times, it’s either they are thinking of how they’ll pay the next tuition fee or thinking of what they can do that’ll bring money, the obnoxious part is that some guys among them will still need a girlfriend FOR WHAT!!!