Tech: How To Charge Your Phone Using Razor Blade


How to charge your cell phone using razor blade.

Most times we find it difficult to charge our phones when the 🔋battery is dead mostly because of lack of 🔌electricity💡 or when our power bank goes down; we do miss most important business because our phone battery is not powered, but now we are going to revealing to everyone a super unique, well tested and fast way of charging our phones when the battery is dead with the use of razor blade.




STEP ONE: Get four different razor blades of the same made.

STEP TWO: Get a carton and measure the carton with razor and cut the carton to fit the blades.

STEP THREE: Get a tape and repeat what you did on the carton with it.

STEP FOUR: Get a bowl of “non concentrated sulphuric acid” not necessarily a bowl, but you’ll need even if a little.

STEP FIVE: Pick up the cartons you cut and soak in the acid make sure the NCSA is all over the carton.

STEP SIX: Attach the shaped carton to the blade and a thin shit of zinc or led or aluminum ranging from 0.5-1mm thick to the carton itself.

STEP SEVEN: Attach the remaining cartons with the same procedures.

STEP EIGHT: Then tie it up together with a tape.

STEP NINE: Then attach a red and black wire representing positive and negative to it.

STEP TEN: Read it with a meter, it reflects on the meter showing number 📟ranging from 0.00-0.42📟 or more than.

STEP ELEVEN: Get a spare usb, cut it and attach its wire to the wires on the carton and blade.

STEP TWELVE: Connect it to your phone ..your phone will start charging …… 🔋🔋🔌🔋

Automatically! You’re done. Test it now and see 😲😲👏👏👏💡💡💡