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SuperEx Exchange App – Scam or Legit?
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SuperEx Exchange is a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance, KuCoin, OkEx. They are Airdropping $10 worth of its Coin – ET for free new users.

When unlocked, you can swap to USDT and withdraw. But we advise you to HODL because crypto exchanges doesn’t joke with their native (utility) assets – it can pump to $100+ in nearest future.

From confirmation, SuperEx Exchange mirrors Binance Exchange. This is a huge competition brewing, as SuperEx is American Exchange.

Click the link below 👇 to Register, and follow the prompt to verify your email address with the code which will be sent on it.

After Registration, Download the app on Google Playstore using the link below 👇, then login and check the Wallet section to see your registration bonus of $10. If your phone is not compatible with the app on Google Playstore, download the Android Apk version, here. To get your Referral link for SuperEx Exchange, click on the top left corner and select Rebate.

Update on the SuperEx Exchange Airdrop Worth $10

Currently it is locked (you can’t swap or withdraw it yet). Keep it, as we await further updates from them. Explore the app; Airdrop is a means to generate awareness and make more people be in possession of the asset. Always participate with a clear state of mind on the outcome because Airdrop (a.k.a Crypto Giveaway) is 50/50.

Whenever you see Airdrop (especially the ones from newly developed Crypto Exchange), participate and move on to another thing. Someday, most of them will skyrocket in value (price) and you’ll be glad to be among the beneficiaries.

There are over 500 crypto exchanges. Newly created exchanges will always provide opportunities for catchy incentives to create awareness and get more users to start trading on their platform. Always Do Your Research.

Reviews on SuperEx Exchange App

Here’s our first-hand experience with the SuperEx Exchange app: After registering and exploring the app, we observed that the team are working to achieve a Web3 Exchange. The app has a Dex Wallet – enabling you to generate a PrivateKey.

No P2P! No KYC! Email Verification, SMS Verification and Google/Microsoft Authentication are present and we decided to send USDT to SuperEx and monitored how it’s going, it was perfect. Also, after using some of the USDT to buy BNB, we decided to withdraw it, so as to understand how their withdrawal process works.

Then, we observed that many countries ain’t included in their SMS Authentication yet. (We’ve dropped the complaint to the team on Telegram to work towards that). Though, we finally made use of the Google Authenticator, and the withdrawal went successfully. Within 10 seconds the BNB arrived our wallet.

Basically, SuperEx is a newly developed Crypto Exchange. The Airdrop (incentive) is to create awareness and bring more users – just as we stated earlier today. Click on that Airdrop Base shown on the dashboard to read instructions on how to unlock it and their official Twitter and Telegram community.

Read carefully, please. We sent crypto (USDT) into SuperEx Exchange, and used it to trade (buy) BNB and Withdraw it. Not that $10 worth of Airdrop. It’s still partly locked. The Airdrop has unlock steps. Click on the Airdrop Base shown at your dashboard to read.

Advice: If you don’t know how to setup/make use of Google/ Microsoft Authenticator, please do not send any crypto there yet, until they add SMS Authentication for your country. If you are an individual that is not “too careful” on safeguarding high-risk codes, then don’t use Google Authenticator to lock any of your crypto exchange. Because the demerit surpass the merit, especially if you loose your phone. Email and SMS Auth are better and user friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About SuperEx Crypto Exchange App

Question: If the $10 Airdrop is unlocked by trading on SuperEx Exchange app, can it be swapped to USDT? And, I’m yet to get more information about the ET on CoinMarketCap. Anyone available?

Answer: You can’t swap to USDT now because it hasn’t been listed, but once listed by Quarter three of this year 2022, you’d be able to swap to USDT or trade it for other crypto assets, and more info about ET will be available on CoinMarketCap.

Questions: Can we get info about the founders/team of the SuperEx Exchange app? to boost the confidence of people who will be making use of the app, and recommending it to others.

Answer: Concerning this, it will be announced soon on the SuperEx website soon.

Question: When the ET token will be listed? Is ET the mother (native) token of Superex?

Answer: ET will be listed in the Q3 of this year 2022. Currently you can withdraw and transfer ET tokens to any wallet on TRC20. ET is the native platform token of SuperEx.

Clarification: The expected listing price of ET is 1 USDT. All ET rewards are free, whether through the airdrop base or by signing up for the airdrop. You can choose transaction unlocking, or you can wait for the platform to formulate other unlocking methods. Transaction unlocking is the only unlocking method at present, but it will not necessarily be the only one in the future.

ET (Extraterrestrial Token) is the utility token for the SuperEx ecosystem. Various services will require the use and consumption of ET. As a deflationary token, SuperEx will continue to repurchase and burn ET according to the time node of the whitepaper. The TotalSupply of ET (currently 1Billion) will become less, and its value will continue to increase.

Invite friends to use SuperEx to trade, not only can you get the ET of the event, but also have the opportunity to participate in the SuperEx airdrop whitelist. SuperEx will airdrop the users in the whitelist, and the airdrop quota of the whitelist is large and randomly distributed. The whitelist is a gift prepared by SuperEx for users who have made great contributions to SuperEx in the early stages of development.

SuperEx Exchange App – Scam or Legit?

We are yet to get clarified on the security of SuperEx Exchange, and that of the users’ assets, because crypto exchanges are usually prone to face hacking attacks. The SuperEx Exchange plans to protecting their platform and that of the users’ assets – incase of necessity haven’t been made known as at time of making this publication.

Are there plans for Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) and Insurance – in case of security bridge on SuperEx Exchange? They haven’t given us feedback yet.

So, is SuperEx Exchange app Scam or Legit? This review is strictly for informational purposes only. Not a go ahead for you to start trading on the SuperEx Exchange app. Always Do Your Own Research, as you are solely responsible for your trades.

You can get their official Twitter and Telegram community via the SuperEx Exchange app – from the dashboard section, select Airdrop Base and you will see it.

Reviews on SuperEx Exchange:

“So far, I’ve been waking up daily to additional free Airdrops on my SuperEx Wallet 😁

People who are sitting on the fence and waiting to cashout $10 and japa, una well done oh 😂

Truth be told, the $10 ET Airdrop attracted most of us, but upon realizing that it can’t get withdrawn easily – which is normal thing for a new crypto exchange that isn’t buoyant financially yet, I calmly started exploring the app and looking for ways to make profits.

Note that, I haven’t traded futures yet on the account, because I’m not into trading futures yet. But I occasionally trade on the Spot with my own assets (USDT, BNB) sent to SuperEx from my Binance.

I currently have over $5k worth of ET on my account. But just 0.2 ET are unlocked. I know that as SuperEx gets recognized & widely used to trade by more crypto enthusiasts, they’ll introduce features to faster unlock ET. For now, it can’t, to avoid them going bankrupt – this is crypto, not Ponzi 😂

I dey watchful, if dem make mistake, I’ll still come here and tackle them 👍”

SuperEx Exchange Wallet - Scam or Legit

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