Stunning photos from China as Igbo man marries his Chinese bride in Igbo traditional marriage culture

The media has been set abuzz over the stunning photos from Guangzhou China as a young Igbo man called Onyii marries his Chinese bride Xia in Igbo traditional marriage culture.


As the population of Nigerians and Chinese increases in both countries so is the inter-cultural marriages between them. Surprisingly there’s is a huge population of Chinese people in Nigeria as the relation and co-operation between both countries deepens.


Recall, the average Igbo man is always a full-time hardworking personality. They are from the South Eastern part of Nigeria. Always accommodating, friendly and bears no grudge with strangers. Igbo kwenu!!! Ya!!!


More photos:




Hearty congratulations to you Onyii and Xia. May your new found home be blessed bountiful.

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