Here Are Steps, Strategies To Job Success (Updated List)

Still unemployed and searching for a job, endeavor to put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.

Dear Job Seekers,

I understand the SUFFERING you are currently facing due to UNEMPLOYMENT

Unemployment is a TEMPORARY phase

God loves you and wants to bless a PEACEFUL JOB

Connect with God now – EMPLOYMENT

Very soon you will receive GOOD NEWS from RECRUITERS


  1. Peace is find doing good deeds more often

  2. Find the peaceful job not the high paying stressful job

  3. It’s good high paying job with peace

  4. Research company before you join

  5. Toxic work culture is so much stressful

  6. Get connected to God to get more interview calls

  7. Start your job search with clear mind and positive energy

  8. Take a break in every 45 minutes

  9. Boost your mind with water and positive vibrations

  10. Social media detox is much needed nowadays

  11. Detox from social media for 2-3 hours everyday

  12. Travel to hills and other natural beauty places

  13. Do meditation everyday, it really helps in focus

  14. Success road map is important, find the right mentor

“Job SUCCESS Secrets”

  1. Update your resume

  2. Update your cover letter

  3. Update your LinkedIn profile

  4. Personal branding daily (Job offers)