Stealing is part of BANKING Strategy in Nigeria

A Nigerian writer and social crusader, named Bala Baba Dihis, has stated that ‘stealing is part of the Banking strategy in Nigeria’.

Stealing is part of BANKING Strategy in Nigeria

According to him, “Stealing is part of banking strategy in Nigeria. Lots of money are being stolen from unsuspecting customers regularly through failed transactions, irregular deductions and other ways.

“These banks deliberately refuse to send peoples monies back to them after transactions have failed.

“The banking industry is another legalized fraudulent and criminal entity.”

Bala Baba Dihis
Bala Baba Dihis

Reacting to this, here are few engaging comments from his Facebook friends and followers;

Richmond Ovie: “Imagine a bank deducting one naira from it 20 million customers that is #20 million naira, now you see the picture, legalised stealing.”

Chibueze Okike: “This particular issue is paining me cus most times customers feel as if we are the ones with their money, they take our machine and cus trouble… I remember on one occasion a SARS man brought out AK-47 from his big bag and threaten to shot me if I dnt give him his 5k 😭😭😭😭 The banking system is f*cked up… To even think that this issue are not supposed to exceed 24hrs still dy give us 7 to 14 working days, it’s very painful”

Freeman Isah Rabiu: “That’s because the customers feel pride in claiming back their money. Back some months I experienced a failed transaction on mobile top up at night urgently in need for data. I drop a warning massage through the bank’s email and before I got off my bed they’ve refunded my money. Nevertheless, Fractional reserve banking system is a global problem fueling monetary system as a factor depriving our development. On the other hand, even our GSM service providers constantly robbed us!”

Jerome Jr Nwonuma: “A lack of a strong legal system and a lack of proper governmental oversight facilitated by a corrupt government and society encourages the exploitation of the common honest citizens”

Wisdom Obinna: “Exactly my thought! Transferred 4k to someone last week and I was debited but the person hasn’t gotten the alert. I had to do another 4k before the person received it..”

Iredia Ifebhor: “I gave them a run for their life two weeks ago when they refused to remit my 30k. I couldn’t succeed with the transaction on POS yet they won’t return my money…. They couldn’t resist the anger in me, hence they quickly credit back my account..”

James Obinna: “10k transfer I did since on 24th night is yet to be credited to the person I transfered it to, but I have been debited since that 24th. I went to lay a complaint yesterday, to my surprise, we were more than 20 with such experience. The gave me a form, which I filled. They then asked me to leave, that I should come back if the Money didn’t return after 72 working hours. Imagine”

What’s your experience with the Nigerian Banking system, feel free to share with us. Best regards.