Social Media Image Is Your Best Marketing Tool — Oge Nsimah

Social Media user, Oge Nsimah

Social Media influencer, Oge Nsimah, has reiterated on the need for social media handlers/ users to make a good use of their social media profiles always.


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The post which she published on her Facebook Profile (see it here), reads;


“Your social media image is your best marketing tool

Your social media profile is your best upgraded resume ever.


You are a walking logo for your career or business.

Social media is the future!!
Don’t misuse it.


This year alone, 3 different companies have contacted me to work with them..and I declined all

My last job, I got it due to my social media presence…

Why am I sharing this?..


This is to tell you to use your social media presence positively for yourself.

You can stay here and build your career and become a stong brand, you can also destroy yourself and your brand here…

Some people have lost business, great opportunities and life partner because of comment and post the made.
Some persons have gained all the above mentioned because of comments and post the made.


Whatever you call social media is what it will answer for you. ..

To me, social media is where I build and develop my personal brand.


Photo 1 BY: Oge Nsimah


Photo 2 BY: Oge Nsimah


Photo 3 BY: Oge Nsimah