Snail Farming #Business — How To Start And Make Profit

Today we’ll be clarifying our readers on this site on how to commence a Snail farming business, making huge profit from it, and at the same time been an #employer of labour – not seeking for who to employ you again. Yes! This is simply because it’s one of those lucrative #AgriBusiness which you can actually start with little capital and be making it real big.



In the agricultural terms, the act of raising these land snails for the sole interest or purpose of human consumption or use is commonly referred to as Heliciculture (heliculture).

Recall that, Snail farming is one of the top Agricultural business opportunities in Africa, and beyond.



Necessary Equipments or Implements You’ll Need In A Snail Farm: These Are Tools That Will Be Of Use Which You Needs To Have For The Progress Of Your 🐌 Farm AgricBiz. They are as follows;



1) Soil Testing Kit: This tool is very essential as it serves as a soil pH meter.

2) Magnifying glass: You will need this implement for the purpose of viewing the eggs clearly.

3) Thermometer: It is used to monitor the temperature of the pens where the snails are reared.

4) Hygrometer: Usually serves the function of measuring the relative humidity.

5) Weighing Scale: Yeah this equipment is used for checking the snail’s weight gain each month, to be able to easily detect any abnormality(ies) on any of them.

6) Rake or a handfork.

7) feeding troughs or trays.

8) Hand gloves for safety health wise.

9) Shallow drinking throught or trays.

10) knives; and the rest of them.


Step-By-Step Procedures On How To Seed A Snail: Be in mind that, Snails can be a unique pets. They are great for school project and teaching children how to care for living things. It’s also easy to feed snail, though there are some varieties among snail



Right Steps On How To Feed ‘Snails’:


  1. Get a feeding tray; do not put their feed on the soil to avoid contamination with bacteria.
  2. Get a tray or flat wood to put their water.
    3 Get fat and a bit shallow tray to put their water.


Snail Feed Categories: Snails eat a wide variety of food which fall into any of this categories; tuber, fresh fruits, cereal, drinks, fibers, Concentrates and agricultural by products.



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